Recycle a Popcorn Tin into a Trash Can!

Recycle a Popcorn Tin into a Trash Can!

I went garage saling this past Saturday and came across a popcorn tin. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with it, but I remembered seeing this awesome dog food tin on Pinterest. Sadly, I don’t have a cute puppy to make that for. However, I did some more research on Pinterest and found this Popcorn Tin to Trash Can post from Bleak 2 Unique. My bedroom needed a small trash can, so it was fate!

What You Will Need:

1. Large popcorn tin

2. Spray paint. As we all know, spray paint isn’t the greenest craft supply, so be sure to use a low VOC spray paint.

3. Any other embellishments you would like to add

How To Do It:

1. Clean the popcorn tin. Mine had a little dust in it!

Recycle a Popcorn Tin into a Trash Can!

2. Spray paint your tin the color of your choice!

3. Add your embellishments. I hot glued a doily (that I found at a garage sale) onto mine!

Recycle a Popcorn Tin into a Trash Can!

It’s so perfect in my bedroom! You could even make this your recycle bin in your craft room! What could you transform your popcorn tin into? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

Wondering what to with the lid of the popcorn tin? Check out my magnet board made from the lid leftover from this project!

3 thoughts on “Recycle a Popcorn Tin into a Trash Can!”

  1. I LOVE popcorn tins!! I recycle them into storage tins for yarn, poly-fill, scarfs, hats and glove containers by the door in winter. I even cut a hole in the lid of one and use it when I knit with the giant size skeins of yarns. Just wish I had someway to collect more, they are such great storage. I love the idea of the trash can, will have to be on the search once again!!

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