DIY Projects for Home

From cleaning and gardening to DIY home decor, we have tons of DIY projects for home to save you money, reduce waste, and make your house healthier for your family!

A handmade home can also be an eco-friendly one, as long as you’re mindful about your materials. In this space, we’ve got tons of resources for decorating your home, starting and maintaining your garden, and green cleaning ideas, so you can have a healthy, happy, handmade home.

From cleaning and gardening to DIY home decor, we have tons of DIY projects for home to save you money, reduce waste, and make your house healthier for your family!

DIY Home Decor

These are some of our favorite roundups of upcycled and recycled DIY home decor ideas.

20 DIY Drawer Knob Makeover Ideas - Instead of buying new, try a DIY drawer knob makeover to save some money and reduce your renovation waste a little bit.

20 DIY Drawer Knob Makeovers – Updating the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom can really change the whole look of the room. Save some money and reduce waste with these upcycled ideas!

Don't buy new -- reduce, reuse, redecorate! Today we're sharing 30 repurposed DIY side table ideas to inspire you!

30 Repurposed Side Tables – Instead of buying a side table or accent table, try one of these creatively upcycled DIY projects for home.

DIY Projects for Home: Getting Organized with Cardboard!

Get Organized with Cardboard – No, really. That Amazon box sitting beside your recycle bin waiting to be broken down is perfect for doing all kinds of DIY organization!

8 Upcycled DIY Shelves for Vertical Storage

8 DIY Shelves – Bust that clutter with some handmade vertical storage ideas!

Furniture Refinishing Skills that You Need to Know

25 Furniture Refinishing Tricks You Need to Know – Got an old table or chair that needs some love? Don’t replace it. Revamp it with these awesome DIY projects for home.

15 DIY Decor Ideas with Zero VOC Paint

Paint It – Try these 15 ideas for turning old home decor new again with a few coats of zero VOC paint.

DIY Decor Projects for Home: Handmade Kitchen Ideas

30 DIY Decor Projects for Your Kitchen – Kitchen makeovers can get really expensive really quickly. These DIY ideas for home range from small touches to larger projects to update your kitchen in DIY style.

DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget

Creating a greenspace on a budget isn’t always easy. Reusing and upcycling are great for getting your garden going without spending a lot of money.

DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget

35 DIY Garden Ideas – Need some inspiration to start or revamp your garden? This is your starting place.

Build a Rain Barrel

Build a Rain Barrel – Building your own is easier than you might think!

8 Spring Garden Guides to Get You Growing

8 Spring Garden Guides – Spring is one of the best times to start growing food. Here are some handy garden guides to get you growing.

What is a rain chain? Here's how rain chains prevent erosion and 12 DIY rain chains you can make from recycled materials!

DIY Rain Chains for Your Yard – Rain chains are an alternative to a gutter downspout that are actually better for your yard. And they look better, too!

Homemade Bird Feeders

The Best Homemade Bird Feeders – Invite some feathered friends to your yard with these upcycled bird feeders.

18 DIY Container Garden Ideas

18 Container Garden Ideas – Who says you need a backyard to have a garden? Upcycle yourself some awesome containers, and grow some things!

DIY Plant Markers

DIY Plant Markers – You might think you’ll remember where you planted the basil and where you planted the hot peppers, but plant markers insure that you won’t accidentally make pesto out of jalapeno leaves.

Green Cleaning

Whether you’re deep cleaning or just need to do some every day cleaning, you can make your own green cleaning supplies to save money and keep toxic chemicals out of your house.

Learn why and how to make your own DIY cleaning products instead of buying them at the store with this handy visual guide!

A Visual Guide to Green Cleaning – This guide breaks down the most common ingredients in green cleaning and how to use them.

10 Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Make These 10 Cleaning Supplies Instead of Buying – Save money and have a healthier home while you’re at it!

DIY Green Cleaning Supplies: Ultimate Guide!

50 DIY Green Cleaning IdeasFrom light maintenance to deep cleaning to cleaning you never thought you needed to do, we have you covered!

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