Organize it with Cardboard: Upcycled Cardboard Organization Projects

DIY Projects for Home: Getting Organized with Cardboard!


Need to get organized?


Totally yeah.

Even so, you do NOT have a trip to IKEA in your future (okay, you *maybe* have a trip to IKEA in your future, because I’m not going to hide the fact that I, myself, happen to love IKEA, so let’s just say that you do not ONLY have a trip to IKEA in your future). Cardboard, that wondrous material that comes right to your door printed with the Amazon logo, or gently cradling your brand-new pair of Dr. Martens Vegan 1460s, or holding up that pallet of canned corn that you unloaded at your volunteer gig at the food pantry on Monday, can also perform wonders of organization in your home.

Cardboard is sturdy, it’s easy to cut and fold, easy to paint and glue, and best of all… it’s FREE! Check out the following tutes and see the ways that cardboard is totally going to make your life better:

Build Your own Box Set: A DIY Book Case1. book case. Build your own box set, and become the envy of everyone else who WISHES they had a hand-painted case for their Harry Potter Icelandic translations, too.

2. cardboard boxWell, sometimes you just need a cardboard box! Make one that’s custom-sized, from any other cardboard box that you’ve got lying around.

3. closet storage unitThe shape of each cubby in this storage unit is what makes the project particularly exciting to me.

4. desk accessories organizerThis keeps all your little odds and ends organized and off your desktop.

5. desktop organizerThis design is the coolest, because the cardboard? You STACK it!!!

6. expandable filesUse this to organize the paper that you’re NOT going to recycle.

Cardboard Organization7. fabric storage. Cardboard will organize your fabric as neatly as it is in the store.

8. hanging shelvesQuadruple your closet space!

9. jewelry organizingCardboard egg cartons, with all those little trays, are perfect for sorting anything from buttons to Rainbow Loom bands to earrings.

10. kitchen supplies. I LOVE these cardboard boxes covered in fabric, with handles and labels added, that organize every single wonderful thing in this kitchen. They look great, and they’re dead useful: it’s a slam dunk of a project.

11. magazine filesMake these custom-sized for your favorite magazines, from Make to Wired.

12. paper filesJust don’t steal from the USPS, Friends–use USED shipping boxes for this project.

13. plastic bag holderYou can stop stuffing your plastic grocery bags under the sink now.

14. plastic lid organizerCover it in contact paper, so that it looks nice and is scrubbable.

15. power cord cubbiesIt’s apparently possible to organize your power cords. That. Is. AWESOME!!!

16. shelf of drawersThe drawers to this upcycled cardboard shelving system are also upcycled–from milk jugs!

17. storage binsThese are distinguishable from store-bought bins only in that they’re cuter.

18. triangular wall caddyIf you’re going to go to the trouble to DIY an entire storage system, then you might as well make it look really great.

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