8 DIY Shelves for Vertical Storage

8 Upcycled DIY Shelves for Vertical Storage

8 Upcycled DIY Shelves for Vertical Storage

Just like vertical gardening, vertical storage helps you fit more into less space. Try these DIY shelves to reduce clutter beautifully.

I am a little bit storage obsessed. My office is inside of my home, and between me, my toddler, my husband, and my business, there is a lot of stuff in my house. Stuff that needs to go somewhere. Anywhere that’s not the floor, please. If you’re starting to max out your horizontal space like I am, it’s time to go vertical. DIY shelves to the rescue!

The list below has ideas for both free-standing and wall-mounted shelves, so you should find options that work in a lot of different spaces. And, of course, they’re all made from reclaimed materials to save you money and reduce your crafty impact. Let’s get organized, y’all!

8 DIY Shelves for Simple Storage

shabby chic diy shelves

1. Shabby Chic Shelf – Give an old set of shelves a new face with this simple paint technique.

DIY Shelves from an Old Medicine Cabinet

2. Upcycled Medicine Cabinet – Transform an old medicine cabinet into a set of hanging DIY shelves.

3. Suitcase Shelf – Turn a vintage suitcase into a DIY shelf. It’s easy and the results look amazing!

DIY Rolling Shelves

4. Drinks Cart Makeover – Turn a boring old metal drinks cart into cute, rolling DIY shelves.

DIY Shelves from Old Doors

5. Door Shelves – Grab some power tools and turn old doors into new shelves.

DIY Shelves: Decoupaged

6. Decoupaged Shelves – Reface an old bookshelf with scrap paper. Your kids can help!

DIY Shelves from Vintage Books

7. Book Shelves – Turn old books that are in bad shape into functional wall shelves with shelf brackets and a few basic craft supplies.

Horizontal Ladder Shelf

8. Ladder Shelf – Ladder shelves are nothing new, but I’m loving this horizontal spin on the old ladder shelf idea!

I’d love to hear from you guys, too. How do you handle storage when you’re running out of space? DIY shelves? A purge? Something that I haven’t thought of? Tell us your favorite DIY storage solutions in the comments!

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