DIY Cleaning Products: A Handy Visual Guide

Learn why and how to make your own DIY cleaning products instead of buying them at the store with this handy visual guide!

Learn why and how to make your own DIY cleaning products instead of buying them at the store with this handy visual guide!

Over at our sister site Green Living Ideas, Andrea Bertoli is working on a Homemade Home series. It’s packed with DIY ways to kick toxic products to the curb and replace them with homemade, healthier alternatives. She released this visual guide to DIY cleaning products earlier this week, and I have to say, it’s rocking my socks.

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The graphic she created doesn’t just get into the basics of DIY cleaning products. She also breaks down some solid reasons to make cleaning supplies at home. There are some real safety concerns with conventional cleaning supplies and even many “green” products contain questionable ingredients.

Another issue that she touches on is how all of these chemicals impact our home’s indoor air quality. This is even more important during winter and summer, when we have our homes locked down tight to keep conditioned air inside.

The facts she shares are eye-opening, and she doesn’t even mention one of my favorite reasons to make DIY cleaning products. It’s cheaper than buying them at the store.

A Note About Borax

While none of the recipes Andrea shares contain borax, she does list it as a green cleaning ingredient. I know: borax is a little bit controversial. Crunchy Betty does a really great job of debunking some of the myths about borax and toxicity. I highly recommend looking at her whole post, but if you want the quick and dirty, this quote really sums it up: “Borax is not boric acid.

The question about borax isn’t quite that black and white, though, so I’d suggest reading her whole piece and deciding for yourself. If you’re not a fan of borax, it’s’ pretty easy to find DIY cleaning recipes that don’t use it.

Visual Guide to DIY Cleaning Products

OK! So, let’s get our clean on. You can click the graphic below to view the full-sized version.

A Visual Guide to DIY Cleaning Products

Image: Green Cleaning Ingredients photo via Shutterstock

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  1. Homemade cleaning products are great and is just as efficient as store bought cleaning products! I lice using soda, vinegar and Borax as cleaners and I am always satisfied with the results! Thanks for sharing! I love the guide! Really useful information! Greetings!

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