Spring Cleaning: 50 DIY Ideas for Natural and Green Cleaning

DIY Green Cleaning Supplies: Ultimate Guide!

Spring Cleaning: 50 DIY Ideas for Natural and Green Cleaning

Let’s celebrate spring with some spring cleaning ideas you can make from scratch. Here are 50 natural and green cleaning ideas for spring!

Have you guys enjoyed spring cleaning week? To end this awesome week with a bang, we wanted to share the best of the best DIY ideas for natural and green cleaning. Hopefully it will encourage you to continue your cleaning efforts throughout the year and make small changes that can have a huge impact on our environment (and our health)! Here are 50 DIY ideas for your home, car, yard, body, and soul:

Spring Cleaning for Your Home

1. Spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen

2. Homemade two ingredient wood polish

3. Homemade all purpose cleaner

4. Natural options for wood floor polish

5. Disinfect naturally with homemade cleaning wipes

6. Homemade laundry soap

7. Alternative cleaning cloths

8. Homemade drain cleaner

9. DIY natural/organic carpet cleaners

10. Homemade soft scrub recipe

11. 10 best products for cleaning dishes naturally

12. 5 natural remedies for deodorizing your refrigerator

13. How to clean an oven without toxic easy-off

14. Kitchen tip: how to clean your blender

15. Clean out your craft room

16. Using citrus fruits to clean your house

17. Make infused vinegar for cleaning

18. Make your own liquid soap

19. DIY laundry starch spray

20. Soapnuts: plastic free hypoallergenic cleaning

21. 10 houseplants that clean indoor air

22. Breathe easy with natural air fresheners

23. Improve your indoor air quality

24. 18 ways to clean with lemon and salt

Spring Cleaning for Your Car

25. Homemade car cleaning products

26. Wash your car without wasting water

27. Make your own natural car air freshener

28. The eco-friendly car washing guide

Spring Cleaning for Your Yard

29. Eco-friendly ways to eliminate ants

30. Greener pool cleaners

31. Natural ways to trap mosquitoes and insects

32. Organic pest control

33. 6 natural weed control solutions

34. The sustainable way to keep your garden pond clean

Spring Cleaning for Your Body and Soul

35. Spring cleaning your beauty kit: are your products past their prime?

36. Green smoothie recipes

37. Spring cleaning your look: natural makeup must haves

38. Stinky feet homemade foot spray

39. 25 beauty storage ideas to get your organized

40. Homemade lip balm

41. How to make crockpot hot process soap

42. Sustainable smile with natural dental care

43. Natural shampoo alternatives from the kitchen

44. Essential oils for natural wellness

45. A divine cleaning experience

46. Make low alcohol hand sanitizer

47. Bath and body beeswax recipes

48. Clean your makeup brushes the natural way

49. Healthy nails: 4 natural ways to improve your nail health

50. DIY whipped shea butter for skin and hair

Which ones do you want to try? Do you have any DIY ideas for spring cleaning? Share your ideas with us!

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