Your Christmas Tree: Five Alternatives

stacked fabric trees

5. Stacked Fabric Trees

Sarah of The Small Object gives us a tutorial and a downloadable PDF pattern for her adorable stacked fabric trees. Cluster them together on the mantle or make the pattern larger and create a single, focal tree.

If all of these alternatives LOOK great to you but you can’t imagine Christmas without the smell of a Christmas tree, try burning this candle from Sprout Candle Shop.

What are your thoughts and feelings on having a cut Christmas tree in your home? What other alternatives can you think of for this holiday season? I would love to hear your opinions on the tree debate. Feel free to leave some comments and suggestions.

[Cut Christmas trees image by the idealist via Flickr Creative Commons, Potted tree image by Kisssy via Flickr Creative Commons, Driftwood tree image via Fawbush and Schulz, Cardboard Christmas tree image via The Cardboard Christmas Tree, Random objects tree image by ATLITW via Flickr, Fabric stacked trees image by Sarah Neuburger via The Small Object]

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