What’s Your Crafty New Year’s Resolution?

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Did you take the handmade pledge this holiday season? We love a handmade holiday around here, but what about the rest of the year? Your New Year’s resolution is a great time to reflect on what handmade means to you and set your crafty intentions for the new year.

Why do you craft and buy handmade? Do you do it because it’s eco-friendly? Because you choose to avoid those big box stores? If you’re reading here, chances are part of the reason you craft is because you care about the planet.

Whatever your reason, the new year is the perfect time to think about what crafting means to you and how you want to grow as a crafter next year.

My crafty New Year’s resolution is to find DIY opportunities in unexpected places. It’s become second nature for me to think handmade when it comes to gifts, decor, clothing and paper products, and I want to try to get crafty in ways that are out of my comfort zone, using reclaimed, organic and other eco-friendly materials.

Have you decided to get crafty for something you needed, even though your first instinct was to hit the store? Do you have a crafty New Year’s resolution you’d like to share? Spill it in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “What’s Your Crafty New Year’s Resolution?”

  1. DIY in unexpected places is an excellent goal! My plan is to…reduce and compeltely organize my craft supplies. I have too many and they are not 100% accessible.

    Crafting will be easier, and more special, when I reduce to my most beloved supplies, fabrics, etc.

    I look forward to making only a few, but a pleasurable few, crafts this year! And not feeling rushed or forced to make them!

  2. Oh, you are all giving me great ideas of new plans for 2011! (like I didn’t have enough already?) I did a lot of handmade items this year, and yes, I’d love to continue the handmade holiday theme into 2011. One thing I’m going to do is start crafting for Christmas and birthday gifts right away in January…reclaim a decent sized box (covered in recycled holiday wrap) and toss the completed gifts in so that when the holidays come, I’m ready on Thanksgiving to wrap the gifts. I hope to not be as harried in my holidays as I’ve been this year! And then, it will be a bit of “Handmade Every Day” for me, too…and the looking for unexpected ideas from recycling items into handmade has just made my list! Thanks!

    1. What a great idea! I’m always so jealous of folks who have their holiday making done early…I might just nick this planning idea and work on storing up holiday gifts, too!

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  4. My crafting goals this year are:
    1. Make homemade gifts.
    2. Make any new clothes for myself.
    3. Finish projects that I started.
    4. To declutter my sewing room.

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