40 Ways to Decorate REAL Easter Eggs

You Can Dye Brown Eggs

There are so many ways to decorate real Easter eggs! Here are 40 fun egg-painting, egg-dyeing, and other Easter egg decorating ideas for real eggs.

There are so many ways to decorate real Easter eggs! Here are 40 fun egg-painting, egg-dyeing, and other Easter egg decorating ideas for real eggs.

You know by now that I am obsessed with making re-usable, heirloom-quality Easter eggs. I have a vendetta against plastic Easter eggs, as should we all. But we’re also huge fans of REAL Easter eggs in our family–you know, EGG eggs! There are so many ways to decorate real Easter eggs, and that’s how it stays fun every year.

Yes, you can use one of those store-bought kits (although I loathe the ones that come with plastic wraps or a bunch of accessories–you know you’re just going to trash all that crap  come mid-April), but you don’t have to. I think that you’re really going to like some of the creative ways to decorate real Easter eggs below, most of the ingredients to which you’re going to find already in your house or outside in your neighborhood.

40 Ways to Decorate REAL Easter Eggs

1. alcohol inked eggsIf you’ve got alcohol ink, here’s a great way to use it!

2. babouchka eggsThe whole family could make a whole family of these eggs! This project would be perfect for blown-out eggs, below.

3. blown-out eggBlowing out your eggs before you decorate them means that you can keep them out of the refrigerator to enjoy.

4. botanical eggsThese decorated eggs are natural and beautiful.

There are so many ways to decorate real Easter eggs! Here are 40 fun egg-painting, egg-dyeing, and other Easter egg decorating ideas for real eggs.

5. brown Easter eggsYes, you CAN dye brown eggs! In some cases, the colors look even better on brown eggs.

6. burger eggsHere’s another super cute tutorial that calls for brown eggs.

7. cascaronesIf you’ve got a group of kids coming over, then you can thrill them by surprising them with cascarones.

8. dyed deviled eggsHere’s one way to dye the actual egg, not the shell. For another method, see the tea eggs, below.

9. Easter eggs painted with acrylicsThis would be a good time to use those blown-out eggs that I was telling you about.

10. Easter eggs with melted crayonI love this method, because the eggs come straight from the boiling water to the work surface–can’t get much more efficient than that!

11. embroidered Easter eggsUm, these eggs are amazing. If you’ve got a delicate hand and love needlework, have at it!

12. emoji eggs. Here’s a way to snooker your tween or teen into hanging out with you, AND giving them a little drawing lesson at the same time.

13. feather-embellished eggsI think it would be nice to use found feathers for this project.

14. finger-painted eggsHere’s another method that could work well with little kids–you dye the eggs, then hand them off with some finger paints or stamp pads.

15. floral wreath-crowned eggsThese eggs are so sweet, and you don’t even have to dye them!

16. foil-covered Easter eggsHere’s a different way to do eggs this year.

17. food coloring dye recipesIn case you accidentally tossed the box that your food coloring came in… here you go!

18. glow-in-the-dark Easter eggsYou do need to use glow-in-the-dark paint, but the eggs turn out pretty awesome.

19. gold-painted eggsThese eggs look a LOT harder to make than they actually are.

20. handwritten eggsAll you need is a paint marker.

21. Kool-aid Easter eggsIf you don’t keep food coloring in the house, then I actually recommend this method, because you won’t have leftovers.

22. nature-printed eggsThe use of onion skins makes this an even more natural method to dye and print Easter eggs.

23. natural egg dye recipesYou’ve got the produce. Use it to make these colorful Easter eggs! There are more recipes here.

24. ninja eggsKids who aren’t into cutesy pastels or dip-dyeing might really LOVE to make ninjas instead.

Pysanky Eggs25. Pysanky eggsThis specific method does use the special Pysanky dye, which is super concentrated, but you can use that wax resist technique with any of your dye projects.

26. robin eggsAND the ingredients are all natural!

27. rubber banded eggsHere’s one method for making stripes on you Easter eggs. For another method, check out the striped eggs tutorial below.

28. rubber cement method. Here’s an interesting technique to try.

29. Sharpie-doodled eggsYou just need a pen!

30. shaving cream-dyed Easter eggsThis would be a fun process-oriented activity for littler kids, because doesn’t dyeing Easter eggs with little kids often kinda suck?

31. silk-dyed eggsGot a silk tie with a terrible pattern on it? That pattern would look GREAT on an Easter egg!

32. speckled eggsThe secret ingredient to this method is rice.

33. sprinkle eggsEven if you think that you can’t paint, you can paint these.

34. sticker-embellished Easter eggsI love the idea here of cutting your own stickers out of contact paper.

35. stripesThis is how you make perfect stripes on Easter eggs.

36. tea eggs. These eggs would be so cute in a kid’s lunchbox on the week leading up to Easter, and imagine the deviled eggs you could make from them!

37. tissue paper-dyed Easter eggsIf you’ve ever been frustrated by tissue paper that bleeds while you’re working with it [raises hand], then this method is perfect for you.

38. vegetable-dyed Easter eggsYou have these veggies in your crisper!

39. tie-dyed Easter eggsI really like this one, because it’s a no-excuses way to get rid of the random scraps of jersey knit in my stash bin.

40. whipped cream-dyed eggsThis method is similar to the shaving cream, above, but whipped cream is friendlier on sensitive skin.

There are so many ways to decorate real Easter eggs! Here are 40 fun egg-painting, egg-dyeing, and other Easter egg decorating ideas for real eggs.

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