Three Questions with Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage turns everyday items into performance art.

By repurposing run-of-the-mill disposables, German artists Simoné Gier and Michael Rundio make a powerful comment on consumerism and waste. We recently hit them up for deets about their project and were lucky enough to touch base with Sabina.

1. Did something in particular inspire you to start the project?
UC: Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage oneself and one’s identity in the commercial space. The costumes are inspired by ghillie suits, the camouflage suits of snipers and hunters.

2. It looks like you’ve done six of these events- do you have a favorite?
UC: We like the first one with the cleaning clothes very much, but can’t say that’s our favorite. Each suit is different and works perfectly in its environment.

3. What are common reactions from consumers?
UC: The reactions were different. We didn‘t ask for a permission. Most employees reacted humorously, but we had some trouble with the managment [sic] as well and had to quit some actions earlier than we wanted to. The reactions of customers were also very different. Some were interested and tried to touch the costume, others reacted irritated and stayed in some distance. There were also customers who ignored us completely, it seemed like if they just didn‘t want to get irritated by us.

They’ve also taken video of most of their hijinks. The videos really give you a feel for how the costumes interact with the big box store environment. Check out this one:


Want to see more from Urban Camouflage? Hit up their website for photos, video, and additional information about the project.

[Image Credits: Photo and video via Urban Camouflage, used with permission.]

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