Share Your Recycled Gift Wrapping Masterpiece!

Recycled WrappingI’ve given handmade gifts to family and friends for years now, but I never before really cared all that much about how they were wrapped.

My biggest accomplishments were wrapping a box in the comics page from the newspaper (I know–how original) or in a brown paper bag turned inside out to hide the logo.

If I was feeling extra-inspired, perhaps I’d have my girls draw decorations on the brown paper bag or newspaper, but that was about it.

This year, however, I’m feeling inspired to make my gifts’ wrappings as beautiful as the gifts themselves. Perhaps it’s because my budget is tighter than ever (not only am I crafting all my gifts, but I’m crafting them solely from STASH), and so I want the outside to be extra-pretty to make up for it, or perhaps it’s just a new outlet for my crafty mindset.

Either way, you can play, too!

In the Comments section, tell us all at Crafting a Green World what cool recycled-materials gift wrapping you’re doing this year. If you have a link to a photo or to a blog post, post it!

If you need ideas, how about:

I had a ball jazzing up my usual boring comic pages gift wrap with a big gift bow made from the comics, too.

Mostly, however, I want ideas from you. What have you done that’s super-cool?

12 thoughts on “Share Your Recycled Gift Wrapping Masterpiece!”

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  3. I’m busy using any junk mail I have to wrap gifts at the moment, and spent part of the weekend making paper chains out of catalogs for the lounge. πŸ™‚
    Viva le re-using!

  4. Uhhh, I’m not doing anything that amazing…just lots of baking…nothing that looks as good as what you did. I loved the NetFlix Origami site though – OMG!!

  5. Maps! I love wrapping my gifts in maps we don’t need anymore and then tying them up with whatever I have (scraps of ribbon, twine, craft thread, lace). Last year, I wrapped all of my gifts in maps and tied them with green ribbon. They looked so gorgeous under the tree.

  6. I like using regular black and white newspaper pages wrapped with a red cloth ribbon. It looks really nice. This year I am doing a mix of fabric bags (homemade from thrifted sheets) and easle paper my kids have painted or otherwise decorated. For my kids we usually just put the bigger items in a pillow case and tie with a ribbon.

  7. I like to use inside-out grocery bags tied up with brown hemp twine. But, I also save tissue paper and bows and ribbons from gifts people have given me, and reusing those has turned out nice this year.
    The idea of using furoshiki is really cool though – its attractive and it can be reused endlessly.

  8. I usually just reused tissue and bags or put it in a cute resuable shopping bag, but I love your ideas. The comic bow and netflix flaps are both very unique and fun!

  9. What great idea everyone has. I have to confess being a student with exams just before Christmas doesn’t leave me with much energy or time for anything other than traditional gift wrap. But these posts have inspired me for next year! I’ve also just started re-using old cards as well. I used to never know what to do with them, so I would throw them away. Now I keep the best ones, buy some good quality card stock or paper and glue it inside and you’ve got a brand new card that doesn’t cost $5!

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