Reusing is Green: Finding Second Hand Craft Supplies

Reusing is Green: Finding Second Hand Craft Supplies

3. Books

Besides the obvious reason to buy books (to read), I love buying books to decorate with and craft with. Books that have worn covers and yellowed pages make my heart swoon. Here are a few examples of projects that I’ve used book pages (or sheet music from music books) in:

The books pictured above were all found at yard sales– the Bible, Robert Browning, and Byron books are from the 1870s. I will never craft with these books, but they are great for decoration and for reading. I like to think about all of the people who held those books before me, as geeky as that sounds. They’re part of history, and I adore that. Crafting with books can be controversial, and it is a good idea to do a little research before you cut into an old book to make sure you’re not about to tear apart a valuable first edition!

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Written by Bonnie Getchell

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