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postcardsWhen you’re running an indie business advertising is key to getting the word out. Having stacks of business and postcards on hand is invaluable when you’re trying to wrangle in new customers and business contacts. But if you’re running a business with the goal of being environmentally responsible, then all of that paper and printing can seem wasteful. Well, fear no more because there are plenty of earth conscious printers working to help you promote your projects in a responsible way.

Greener Printer is a great source for all of your typical promotional needs: business cards, postcards, brochures, newsletters, and much more. They make use of recycled paper, vegetable and soy inks, and 100% wind power to produce their entire line of paper goods. They’re a Certified Green business, can ship your goods Carbon Free, and even offer a nifty “Eco Audit” that calculates the environmental impact of each individual order you place.

Pinball Publishing is a great resource if you’re looking to produce more diverse items like booklets, album covers, calendars, concert posters, and CD sleeves. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pinball is a “Mom & Pop” committed to running their business with the environment in mind. They also make use of recycled paper, vegetable and soy inks, and renewable power sources to create their goods.

Recycled Business Cards offers just that, business cards produced with recycled papers and soy based ink at economical prices.

And if you’re wanting to stay true to the DIY ethic and print your own promo items from home, Neenah Paper is a great resource. Also a Certified Green and Carbon Neutral business, they create an impressive assortment of papers for all of your printing needs.

[Image courtesy of Greener Printer]

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