Patriotic Craft for Kids: DIY Windsock

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Does anyone else have a tough time differentiating Memorial Day crafts from Fourth of July projects? Both have lots of red, white and blue. Both seem to be centered around parades or picnics. And both are all about summer. So I guess whatever we do for Memorial Day can certainly be re-purposed for July 4th. Don’t ya just love a twofer-kinda craft!
Patriotic Craft for Kids
For this patriotic craft for kids, we’re raiding all sorts places so we don’t have to purchase anything. For each supply I’m listing where I got the item and other supply options. And don’t be afraid to tap into your own craft-crazy brain. This DIY windsock is even more fun to put together if you shift that imagination into overdrive.

Supply: Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls
Raid Location: You can get this from your bathroom or better – the recycle bin.
Alternatives: A plastic cup with the bottom cut out, a tin can, a piece of cardboard shaped into a cylinder

Supply: Red and Blue Electrical Tape
Raid Location: Tool Box
Alternatives: Strips of construction paper, red and blue paint, ribbon

Supply: Brass Fasteners
Raid Location: Mom or Dad’s Desk
Alternative: Pieces of recycled foil formed into small balls

Supply: White Party Streamers

Raid Location: Party Supply Box or “Things to be Recycled” Craft Box (I’m the first person to save these streamers after a party. You can use leftover streamers for all sorts of things!)
Alternatives: Leftover ribbon or yarn

Supply: Red Ribbon
Raid Location: Christmas Wrapping Stash
Alternatives: Ribbon, yarn, pipe cleaners


  • White Craft Paint
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors

Let’s Put It All Together

  1. Paint the cardboard toilet paper roll with white craft paint. You can use blue or red paint, but I really think the white is a good background for the other embellishments.
  2. When the paint is dry, punch six evenly-spaced holes on one end of the TP roll.
  3. Create the handle (or hanger) for the windsock by knotting one end of the red ribbon and pulling it through one of the holes.
  4. Loop the ribbon through a hole on the opposite side. Knot it to secure the ribbon.
  5. Add the brass fasteners to the other four holes.
  6. On the other end of the tube, punch out 6-8 holes.
  7. Cut streamers into thin strands and thread through the bottom holes. Make the streamers as long as you wish.
  8. Secure the streamers by tying the ends into knots or you can use a small dab of glue.
  9. Use the red and blue electrical tape to make designs on the base of the windsock. I usually put one red stripe in the middle and one blue stripe on each side of the red.
  10. Congrats! You’re patriotic windsock is ready for celebrating!

Patriotic Craft for Kids

How to Celebrate

  • You can definitely let the kids run around with these windsocks during the Memorial Day parade or picnic. Can’t you just see the streamers trailing behind as they zip past the parade?
  • You can also hang several of them in front of your window for a nice patriotic effect. When the wind catches the streamers, it looks really awesome.
  • If you’re going to use them as outdoor decoration, I’d only hang them on the day-of your picnic or the day-of Memorial Day. And be sure it’s not going to rain. These don’t hold up in wet weather. The last thing we want is for a soggy windsock to get tossed into the trash.
  • FYI, these windsocks are easily packed away and saved for next year’s patriotic celebrations.

Keep Embellishing
So yeah, this is an awesome Memorial Day craft project. But how can we switch things up for the Fourth?

  • I love the idea of adding silver ribbon to the hanging streamers.
  • How about cutting out some cardboard stars, wrapping them in leftover foil and gluing them onto the base of the windsock? How cute would that be!
  • You could also simply use the windsock you made for Memorial Day as a craft example for the kiddos who are attending your Fourth of July picnic. Set up a craft table for them, show them your windsock and let them try to recreate it. Remember, you have pretty much everything you need right there in your house.

Save Your Tubes
Hold onto your craft-hats – a very big toilet paper maker is now making TUBELESS TP rolls! This is amazing news for the environment as millions of these cardboard rolls are thrown away every year.

We eco-crafters embraced the cardboard tube years ago and have transformed them into all sorts of gems. Of course, we always want what’s best for the earth…but I know I’ll be a little sad to see them go. Until then, I will hoard them like there’s no tomorrow! Once all the other companies figure out that going tubeless saves money, manpower and Mother Nature…then we’ll really have to get crafty!
Patriotic Craft for Kids

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