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A reader wrote in not long ago wondering about where she could donate some gently used needlecraft supplies she’d inherited, since she wasn’t a needlecrafter herself.

Even if you don’t do needlecrafts yourself, you can use those old supplies in other craft projects. Embroidery thread, for example, is handy in projects that call for baker’s twine (but don’t use embroidery thread in cooking, since the dyes may not be food safe). You can also use it in collages or anywhere that thick thread would come in handy, like repairing an umbrella. Those embroidery hoops are also super useful, even if needlecraft isn’t your thing. Check out these fun ways to reuse an embroidery hoop!

Of course, even if you do stash away or reuse some of your needlecraft supplies, you might still have a surplus that’s begging to be donated. There are a few places that come to mind in terms of donating needlecraft supplies:

I’d love to hear from you guys, too! What other interesting ways have you seen to reuse needlecraft supplies, and where have you donated them in the past?

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7 thoughts on “Reader Question: What to Do with Needlecraft Supplies”

  1. I never seem to have sting when I need it but always have embroidery floss, usually left over from a kit or project. I use floss whenever I need string. I use it to hang ornaments on my Christmas tree and sometimes in place of ribbon to wrap gifts.

  2. Hi, I once advertised in a local Pennysaver that I had some craft suplllies to give away.and a couple people called me and were happy to receive them. Now on Facebook, we have a group called “Pay It Forward” and I am getting some craft supplies together to give to some people who said they could use some. One is a disabled lady and another is a military wife whose husband is deployed at this time. The purpose of the group is people asking and giving things they no longer need or need and can’t afford.. I suppose it is kind of like Freecycle. I get a good feeling from helping someone out and maybe I will need something one of these days!

  3. I would also suggest a local community art center! I run one in Massachusetts, and we are ALWAYS looking for all sorts of supplies. We are so appreciative of donations of art/craft supplies that we can use for classes or any number of projects in all sorts of ways.

  4. Hi When my mother had to move to a nursing home, she left me with a lot of sewing, knitting and crafting supplies that she could no longer use. Since I am also a crafter, I kept a lot of it. However, there was more than I could use. I lived in New Hampshire at the time and heard an article on the local NPR station that the women’s prison in that state was looking for sewing donations. I packed up about 7 large bags of my mom’s supplies and took them to the prison. I wrote a letter to the women telling them of my mom and her love of crafting and that she hoped they enjoyed using her supplies. The best thing was that they wrote wonderful notes to my mother! She & I enjoyed reading them and it made her happy they could use and enjoy her crafting materials.

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