How-to: Repair an Umbrella

an umbrella in need of repair

Because I’m a mean momma, my girls and I make the long march to the public library a couple of times a week even if the sun is blazing, the snow is snowing, or, gasp, the rain is raining down.

Kids (and their otherwise lazy momma) can tolerate a lot with the proper gear–in the heat, you’ve got to have water. In the snow, you’ve got to bundle up. And in the rain, you’ve got to have your galoshes and your matching rainbow umbrellas.

Umbrellas are not unendingly sturdy, but even if I was tempted to toss one out and replace it when it gets broken, that matching rainbow-ness keeps me honest. I would never give one kid a rainbow umbrella and one kid a non-rainbow umbrella, because I would not want to be an old lady someday and still listening to them bicker about the time when they were kids and one of them had a rainbow umbrella and the other one didn’t.

Fortunately, one of the most common points of breakage in an umbrella–that tip that comes unmoored from the metal support–is quite simple to repair:

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