My Crafting Goals for the New Year

craft suppliesDo you set crafting goals or craft resolutions at the start of the new year? I usually forget to include them with my other resolutions and goals, but 2010 was a dismal crafting year for me so for 2011 I am setting crafting goals.

What are they?

  1. I want to craft more and stress less. 2010 was a year full of stress with little crafting going on. Sure I had tons of ideas but barely any time to execute them. In 2011 I plan to have a lot of crafting going on.
  2. Organization. My office/craft room looks like a bomb went off in it. In fact it may have in the form of a teenage boy. My craft room is right next to my oldest son’s bedroom so when he “cleans” his room he tends to throw a bunch of stuff he no longer wants into my room. Why? He claims it’s to go to Goodwill. Right, because my craft room looks like a Goodwill drop box?
  3. I want to learn new crafting skills and hone my old ones. I tried crocheting after a very long hiatus and I think I need more practice because my attempts turned into sad little bundles of yarn that didn’t even remotely resemble the cute little creatures they were supposed to.
  4. I also want to learn to sew. I know I say this every year. But this year I mean it.
  5. I want add to my digital art skills. Why waste craft supplies when you can create digital masterpieces, right?

What about you, what goals do you have? What new skills would you like to learn? What kinds of tutorials would you like to see here at Crafting a Green World to help you with your 2011 craft goals and resolutions?

6 thoughts on “My Crafting Goals for the New Year”

  1. Wow. You seem to have hit the nail on the head with me! Years ago, I would craft in the evenings to reduce stress. Now, I tend to just stay stressed. So, I agree with you to craft more and stress less.

    Would you mind if I just “borrow” your list?

  2. “Right, because my craft room looks like a Goodwill drop box?”

    -Many boxes we get at Goodwill look like they came from the inside of a craft room. We get tons of used crafting items.

  3. I always say I’m going to make my holiday gifts, but yet another year has gone by with me hitting the stores instead. My resolution is to start planning far enough ahead that I actually do have time to craft gifts, and then actually follow through! (Your post about your handmade gifts definitely inspired my resolution!)

  4. I have the resolution to complete more of my projects. I do know how to sew. One of the few perks of being older–I was able to take 3 years of sewing in high school, including tayloring. I have many ideas, but not enough time. And, I second the goal of organizing my craft/sewing room. I just wish I knew where to begin!

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