Make a Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Gift Topper

Coffee Sleeve Craft: Make a Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Gift Topper

Make a Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Gift Topper

My in-laws have been in town visiting us, and every morning when they come over, they bring us coffee!

I SUPER love my caffe latte with soy milk, but I’ve been feeling some serious disposable coffee cup guilt. Fortunately, the holiday-themed Starbucks coffee sleeves are especially festive this year, so I slipped them off of all of our coffee cups and upcycled them into gift toppers.

You can see that the ones from our local Starbucks are basically designed to be put on handmade gifts, but all of the holiday-themed styles work well. All you need are a Starbucks coffee sleeve, a hole punch, and some yarn.

And here’s what you do!

1. Cutting the coffee sleeve in half is optional.Β I did, but you really don’t need to. The back side won’t show on your gift, and you can easily punch through both layers.

2. Punch a hole in either end of the coffee sleeve.Β Don’t punch your holes very near to the edge, because they’ll be more likely to rip.

Make a Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Gift Topper

3. Wrap your present.Β As you can see, I’m a BIG fan of the brown paper bag as gift wrap. I just really like the low-key look of it, and I feel like any embellishments match it, and I think it’s cute to have my kids draw on it. I also like using the Sunday comics, but that’s such a busy wrapping paper that you almost can’t add any additional embellishments to it.

4. Add the yarn.Β Tie one end of your yarn to one end of the gift topper, center the gift topper where you want it on your package, then wrap the yarn as many times around the package as you can. When you can’t go around anymore, pull it taut and tie the other end to the other side of the gift topper.

Re-center your gift topper, and slide the yarn so that it’s also centered underneath the gift topper.

Starbucks Coffee Sleeve Gift Topper

You can do something much cuter with the To and From label (check out these salt dough gift tags!), but I was afraid that my kids were going to walk in the door any minute!

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