Handmade Reviews: Earth Paint Natural Egg Dye

Eco-Friendly Egg Dyeing

Earth Paint Natural Egg Dye

Dyeing Easter eggs can be such a pain in the butt!

Don’t want petrochemicals in your house? Then you can’t use the quick and easy food coloring.

Want to make your own natural dyes from red onion peels and turmeric? Cool, but it ain’t quick and easy.

This year, my kiddos and I managed to accomplish natural AND quick and easy, because Natural Earth Paint (remember when we painted with their dirt paint?) sent us their natural egg dye kit to play with. The kids were thrilled because, five minutes after their playdate left, I was all, “Hey, who wants to dye Easter eggs?” and they were all, “WHAT?!? MORE FUN?!?,” and I was pretty dang thrilled, too, because about five minutes after that there we were, dyeing Easter eggs!

Natural egg dye in quick and easy kit form: HALLELUJAH!!!

Earth Paint Natural Egg Dye
Yes, she really is wearing that much makeup.

The four dyes that you receive in the kit contain the same materials that you’d probably use in making your own natural dye (beets, blueberries, that ever-present turmeric, etc.), but each dye comes in its own little packet, already distilled and ready to go. After that, you use them exactly the way that you’d use food coloring (minus the vinegar, which you don’t include)–half-cup water, mix well, good to go. I was a little worried that the dye time for each egg is listed as 10-20 minutes, because we have no patience, but because we have no patience, we just dunked each egg in its dye, swirled it around for a minute or so, and pulled it out to do it all over again, and I think all our eggs look great, well saturated and nicely colored.

The kids were easily able to get the four pure colors–orange, blue, purple, and green–and then had a lot of fun mixing the dyes and re-dipping eggs to achieve several more shades of each. They didn’t seem the least bit dissatisfied with their options and didn’t seem to even notice the absence of neon food coloring colors. In fact, they really, really liked the rich, jewel-like coloring of their eggs, did a lot of playing and experimenting with the limited palate, and didn’t even look up from their play until the entire flat of hard-boiled eggs had been dyed.

Natural Earth Paint Natural Egg Dye KitAs to what we’re going to do with an entire flat of hard-boiled eggs… I really don’t want to think about it right now.

If you want to check out Natural Earth Paint’s natural egg dye kits for yourself, they’re offering 20% off of your order using the code 20off. Combine that with their free shipping that’s running through March 31, and you’ll be all set!

[My kiddos were given a free natural egg dye kit from Earth Paint, because I can’t review something unless my kids have stuck their hands in it. And then licked those hands. And then made a face because it tastes gross. And then did it again, because they’re weird.]

11 thoughts on “Handmade Reviews: Earth Paint Natural Egg Dye”

  1. Those look nice!

    For the hard boiled eggs- egg salad, deviled eggs, sliced eggs on salad… We love hard boiled eggs :0)

    1. Yeah, I have seriously got to advance my hard-boiled egg game. I usually just boil them for the kids, but with this many eggs, the whole family is going to have to participate this time! I like egg salad, so the trick is going to be finding a recipe that Matt, our fussy eater, will like.

      1. Once we started making our own mayo, my hubby- who hates mayo- couldn’t eat enough deviled eggs. He even called me while E and I were out of town to find out how to make the mayo cause he wanted deviled eggs!

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  3. Thank you for this helpful review! I would just like to point out that you said “palate” when you meant “palette.” “Palate” refers to the roof of your mouth or to how you judge tastes. “Palette” refers to a range of colors, as in an artist’s palette. Maybe you could keep that in mind next time you want to use one of these words!

      1. Eggsactly! It was an eggregious error, however, especially since I paint myself as a vocabulary eggspert. Also, I’m developing a rotten habit of snarky commenting, solely to crack myself up, and I shell have to hatch a new method before my nest post.

    1. Ha! Today that little girl dresses entirely in torn black clothing and listens to Billie Eilish. Can’t really pick your poison when it comes to kids, I guess!

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