Fix It: 8 Ways to Mend and Maintain Your Crafty Tools

Fix It: 7 Ways to Mend and Maintain Your Crafty Tools

Fix It: 7 Ways to Mend and Maintain Your Crafty Tools

Scissors or paper punches going dull? Sizzix not cutting the way it should? Sewing machine acting wonky? Don’t get mad. Fix it! The list below has tips for how to mend and maintain the crafty tools that you rely on to do what you do.

As a fellow green crafter, I know that you love a good mending tutorial, right? We certainly love to fix things. But what about our crafty tools? I am as guilty as anyone of buying a new pair of scissors when my old ones go dull or retiring a paper punch when it stops punching properly. Those worn out tools sit on the shelf, gathering dust, because it seems such a shame to toss them.

Maintaining our crafting tools and supplies is just as important. Maybe even more-so. Doing a little maintenance here and there keeps your sewing machine from going kaput and extend the life of your Sizzix.

But you know all of this already. Let’s get to the fixing, y’all!

Worn Our of Broken Tools? 8 Ways to Fix It!

How to Sharpen Scissors with One Surprising Tool

1. Sharpen your scissors. There are a lot of tutes out there for sharpening your scissors, and what makes this method extra awesome is that you are honing and sharpening those blades at the same time.

Cleaning Paint Brushes without Harsh Chemicals

2. Clean your paint brushes. When you finish a paint project, don’t just rinse the brushes and stick them on the side of the sink like I maybe used to do. This method helps your brushes keep their shape and last a lot longer.

Fix It: 7 Ways to Mend and Maintain Your Crafty Tools

3. Keep straight pins sharp and straight. The little “strawberry” on your tomato pincushion is actually a needle sharpener! Use it to keep your pins and needles sharp as…pins and needles.

Repair Your Bamboo Knitting Needles

4. Mend bamboo knitting needles. Did your cat or maybe your toddler leave toothmarks on your favorite set of bamboo needles? Fix it with wood filler!

Fix It: 7 Ways to Mend and Maintain Your Crafty Tools

5. Sharpen your paper punch. Is your paper punch not really into punching paper these days? Fix it by punching some shapes with tin foil. It sharpens your punch back up like magic!

How to Sharpen an Xacto Knife with Sandpaper

6. Sharpen your Xacto blade. Before you buy a box of new blades for your Xacto knife, try this simple sharpening techniqe.

Fix It: 7 Ways to Mend and Maintain Your Crafty Tools

7. Replace your Sizzix bearings. Is your Sizzix punching unevenly? The problem may not be with the punch part – it could be the bearings. Instructables has the deets on how to fix it.

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Keep your machine running smoothly.

8. Maintain your sewing machine. Doing routine sewing machine maintenance helps keep your machine running smoothly and avoid problems like skipped stitches and tangled bobbin thread.

How do you maintain or repair your crafty tools and supplies? Share your favorite ways to fix it in the comments!

Image Credits: Scissors via Practically Functional; paint brushes via Agus Yornet; tomato pincushion, bamboo needles, paper punch, Xacto blades, and sewing machine via Shutterstock; Sizzix via Instructables

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