Repair Your Bamboo Knitting Needles

Snuggles Project: Repair Your Bamboo Knitting Needles

Repair Your Bamboo Knitting Needles

Did your cat get ahold of your bamboo needles? You can’t really knit when your yarn is constantly snagging on bite marks. Check out how to repair your bamboo knitting needles with good old wood filler.

Bamboo knitting needles rock because bamboo is a renewable material. It grows fast and doesn’t need a lot of water or really any chemicals to grow. But bamboo is also pretty soft, so it’s easy for your cat (or your toddler) to damage them. Luckily, damaged needles don’t have to go into your compost bin. You can save them!

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Laurie Perry – aka Crazy Aunt Purl – has a sweet but mischevious cat named Bob T. Cat. Bob apparently loves to eat her bamboo knitting needles so much that she keeps them stashed in a baggie to protect them from his teeth and claws. But mid-project one night she forgot to stash them out of his reach, and of course he found them and chewed them right up.

I love that instead of just buying another set of needles, Perry decided to try to mend them. And it worked! Here’s what you need to do your own bamboo knitting needle repair.

+ a cat to destroy your favorite needles

+ wood filler

+ a small putty knife

+ a fine grit sanding block

+ scrap paper to cover your work surface

Just spread on your wood filler, wait for it to dry, and sand. BOOM! Get photos of Perry’s process and deets on the hat she made with her repaired bamboo knitting needles over at Crazy Aunt Purl.

Image Credit: Knitting Needles photo via Shutterstock

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