Sewing Machine Maintenance: Keep your machine running smoothly.

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Keep your machine running smoothly.

Doing sewing machine maintenance at home might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s give our sewing machines some love, y’all!

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Keep your machine running smoothly.

I’ll be honest with you guys: I am the worst at sewing machine maintenance. Basically, I work my machine until something breaks, then I have to take it in for repair. It’s not the best way to treat my favorite crafting tool, and it’s time to quit it.

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The Coletterie has a beautiful guide to sewing machine maintenance that breaks things down into categories. She tells you what you need to do daily (use the cover), before starting a project, after big projects, and annually.

>>Get her guide here!

After reading through her guide, I am feeling terrible for my poor sewing machine, that’s sitting uncovered in my studio at this very moment. I can’t remember the last time I changed the needle or oiled it. I did give myself a little pat on the back for being good about cleaning out lint at least.

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Let’s talk canned air.

Speaking of cleaning the lint from your machine! She mentions in her guide that the canned air that helps shoot lint and little thread out of your sewing machine’s nooks and crannies does that by emitting small amounts of greenhouse gases.

Oh no!

I did a little bit of research and ran across this cool manual air blower. It’s a bit more labor intensive than canned air, but I like that you never need to replace it and of course that it doesn’t produce harmful emissions. Have any of you tried this thing out? I am thinking about ordering one to see how it works out!

So, tell me true, fellow seamsters. Are you good about sewing machine maintenance? How do you keep your machine running smoothly?

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