How to Sharpen Scissors with One Surprising Tool

How to Sharpen Scissors with One Surprising Tool

How to Sharpen Scissors with One Surprising Tool

You can get your scissors professionally sharpened, but first check out how to sharpen scissors with a supply that you probably already have in your stash.

We love repairing instead of replacing around here. We’ve talked before about how to repair things around your house, but what about the tool that you use in your crafting? I’m on the lookout right now for ways to fix your tools and supplies, and this simple tip for how to sharpen scissors felt like a great way to kick things off. If you’ve mended any of your own crafty tools, I’d love to hear about it! Drop a comment below.

Jessi at Practically Functional shows you how to sharpen scissors using sandpaper, and it’s wonderfully simple. She says that any grit will work, but a finer paper will yield sharper scissors. So if you the sandpaper in your stash doesn’t do the trick, you can try picking up a finer grit and starting over. It doesn’t take long, so starting over is not really a big deal.

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The beauty of using sandpaper over aluminum foil is that it doesn’t just sharpen the blades. It also hones them. Honing is different from sharpening, and just like with knives, you get the most precise cuts when your blade is both sharp and well-honed.

How to Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper

Project Materials

+ dull scissors

+ fine sandpaper

That’s it! Get the easy peasy instructions ove at Practically Functional.

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