Five Upcycled Piñatas that You Can Make

whacking at a paper mache newspaper piñata
If I’ve told you once, then I’ve told you a thousand times: don’t buy party supplies–buy more party food!

From buntings to birthday candles, most party supplies are so easy to make that they practically make themselves, so that you can save up all your money for Brie and cake.

And even if you have a ton of Brie and cake left over after your party…well, life has been hard, hasn’t it?

One party supply that’s actually super-easy to make but has a big impact (ahem) is the piñata. For every party theme and every crafting style, there’s a piñata that you can make. Check out the following five piñata tutorials to see how easy it will be to make someone’s birthday party dream come true:

upcycled newspaper paper mache pinataYou can probably make an upcycled newspaper paper mache piñata without even having to leave the house. If you have an old latex balloon in the junk drawer, and if you’ve saved your newspapers for a couple of days, and if you own white flour, then you’re all set!

Be warned, however: especially with the many layers of glue-sodden newspaper that this piñata needs, it takes a really long time to completely dry. This is a project that should be started at least four days before your party and completely finished at least 24 hours before the party begins.

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Written by Julie Finn

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