Five Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Crafts

bookmarks made from seed paper Looking for cute Mother’s Day crafts with an eco slant? Look no further. Here are five easy crafts that even kids can make for mom.

Crafts Kaboose has a great how-to for Seeded paper bookmarks . They are fun and very eco-friendly but definitely for older kids or kids that have a lot of adult help. It may sound easy but crafting homemade paper isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

tin can herb potHere’s another one from Kaboose. I adore it because it involves plants, specifically herbs. Simply take a tin can, which you probably already have, to easily transform it into a cute little herb pot.

can craft from Celebrate Green Another cute tin can craft comes from the authors of Celebrate Green, they suggest making a tin can into a gift basket for mom. You can read those DIY directions along with a couple other crafty ideas for mom at Creatively Green.

locket made from a match boxThis matchbox locket is adorable. What mom wouldn’t love to have this little box of trinkets as a gift from one of her kids? Found on FamilyFun it’s not even listed as a Mother’s day craft but I fell in love with it, and I’m a mom, so I bet other moms would love it too.

from MarthaStewart.comMartha Stewart has many great craft and handmade gift ideas for mom. Three of my favorites include the Burlap Leaf Bag and Garden Kit, the Scrapbox, and the Treasured Chests pictured above.

All of these crafts can easily be made using green/eco materials. Found items and items you may already have in your home along with scrap materials and natural materials would all work for these projects. You can fun making mom happy while being eco.

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