Craftivism in Action: Embroidering Against Sexism

Craftivism in Action: Adorable-izing the Hate

Craftivism in Action: Adorable-izing the Hate

Crafter Marie Brian – aka The Cotton Floozy on Instagram – was fed up with hateful and sexist comments on her blog. Rather than start a flame war, Brian grabbed her embroidery needle in a stunning example of craftivism.

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Brian is calling her craftivism project “Adorable-izing the Hate.” Her goal is “turning something mean into something frickin’ adorable.” Basically, she wants to deflate these hateful comments by adapting them to her medium of choice: embroidery.

And she wants to embroider your hate mail too! You can find her contact info on her website’s sidebar.

She says that her Adorable-ize craftivism project has been cathartic for her. Turning those hateful statements into something cute takes the edge off.

This isn’t Brian’s first foray into craftivism, though. She’s been stitching up feminist and pro-LGBT embroidery for a long time. And that’s why she gets so many hateful comments. Internet trolls are particularly harsh toward women who talk openly about non-traditional roles. The recent #gamergate scandal is a good example of how women deal with the worst of online vitriol.

As Brian says in her blog post about the project, “Haters gonna hate, stitchers gonna stitch.”

You can find Marie Brian’s feminist embroidery for sale in her Etsy shop. She has not compensated Crafting a Green World in any way for mentioning her shop. I just think that what she does is beautiful.

There are some lovely examples of her Adorable-izing the Hate craftivism pieces in the collage above, or you can see bigger versions in this nifty slide show.

Craftivism in Action: Adorable-izing the Hate by Marie Brian


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