Craftivism: Even More Crafty Activism Goodness!

Craftivism: Craft Activism Groups

Any time you use your crafty skills to reduce waste, support a cause, or raise awareness, you’re practicing craftivism. Need a little inspiration? Check out this reader-generated list of amazing craftivism groups!

Last week we shared a list of crafty activists who were using their creativity to make a difference or raise awareness about a cause that they cared about. I knew when I compiled that list that it would be far from all-encompassing, so I reached out to you guys – our green crafty community – for suggestions. Today’s list is entirely made up of groups that you let us know about, either through comments on the site or on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

8 (more) Craftivism Groups

1. Alibar Dog Knits

This is a Spanish group that creates knit hats for dogs and donates proceeds from the sales to three rescue agencies that specialize in Spanish Galagos: El Galgo Senior, GalgosdelSol and Baas Galgo. Their group is closed, but you can request membership if you’d like to get involved. You can see lots of photos of their super cute dog hats on their photo group.

2. Green Bag Lady

This is a craftivism group for your seamsters out there! Teresa VanHatten-Granath and her team create produce bags out of reclaimed fabrics and give them away for free to anyone willing to promise to skip disposable plastic bags in favor of reusable ones.

3. The Dream Rocket Project

I don’t think that I could do a better job explaining this than the project’s Kickstarter video. I’ll just say this: yay, science!

4. Frances Robson’s Upcycled Bags and Baskets

This crafter is making a difference, one bag and basket at a time. She commented on our post What is craftivism? to tell us about how she uses her craft to divert waste from the landfill:

I crochet bags and baskets from plarn made from plastic bags and give them as gifts sell them on Etsy plus using them in my home. They are also a part of my Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. I also recycle old sheet into yarn for crocheting rugs and tote bags. One of my passions is reusing everything I can into a useful or beautiful item. Your blog is great and keep up the good work.

5. Jua Project

This project teaches mothers in Kenya how to create beautiful jewelry that they can use to support their families.

6. Re:Loom

I have special love for this project, because it’s based in my hometown: Atlanta, GA. Check out their mission statement:

re:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautifully-designed products out of upcycled materials. Proceeds support weavers’ salaries and the Initiative for Affordable Housing to reduce homelessness in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. Nakate Project

Nakate was founded by one of my fellow writers over at Feelgood Style: Shanley Knox. Nakate trains women in poverty-striken areas of Africa to create accessories that Shanley markets and sells. The proceeds from the sales help the women involved in the Nakate Project support themselves and their families.

8. Skateraid

Decatur, GA teen Ian Wochatz died of brain cancer in 2005 at just 15 years old. He was an avid skate boarder, and his friends and family started Skateraid in his name. Participants create beautiful art on reclaimed skateboard decks and use the proceeds to help families dealing with pediatric cancer by donating to local hospitals and to organizations that specialize in that area, like the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.

Even with this second list of craftivism projects, I bet there are some that I’ve missed. Do you know of someone that should be on the list? Tell us about them!

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