Baby Shower Craft: Make No-Sew Bib Onesies!

baby shower craft bib onesie

Planning a baby shower? Take onesie decorating to the next level with this cute baby shower craft idea!

This baby shower craft uses one very special craft supply to skip the stitchery and create baby crafts that anyone can do. What is the magical craft supply? It’s something I’d seen many times at the fabric store but always passed by: permanent fusible web. It’s basically tracing paper and a thin coating of fabric glue all in one, and it makes for the simplest appliques on the planet. You can do all kinds of baby crafts with this stuff, and since this project only uses a tiny bit you’ll have plenty left over to play around with.

This project comes with a couple of caveats:

1. I got this idea from my friend Shannon. Applique onesies were the baby shower craft project at a shower we organized together. The bib thing was my idea, but she hipped me to the joys of fusible web.

2. Fusible web is not the greenest craft supply, but I have not been able to find a good green alternative. It’s not any more toxic than fabric glue and tracing paper, though, and if you don’t know how to sew it can make fabric projects more attainable.

I used this project to pep up a boring hand-me-down onesie, but you could also use this method to cover stains. Because I don’t know about your kid, but mine tends to get sweet potato all over himself when he eats, whether I use a bib or not. How does he do that?

Baby Shower Craft: Bib Onesie

You can provide these instructions for your baby shower craft, or you can just fuse a bunch of the web onto pieces of fabric and let folks go to town. I love that this project empowers folks who might be intimidated by a baby shower craft project to get in there and make something cute for the new parents-to-be.


  • second hand or organic onesies
  • scrap fabric that’s at least as wide as the top of the onesies
  • permanent fusible web
  • iron
  • scissors
  • another very tiny bit of scrap fabric
  • embroidery thread and needle (optional)


1. Cut your fusible web to the size of your two pieces of fabric, and follow the package directions to adhere it. One thing that I did not see in the directions that I feel kind of silly about: iron your fabric before you adhere it to the fusible web. Otherwise, you can end up with perma-wrinkles, like you see in my bib. Boo!

2. Place your main piece fused fabric, paper side up, on top of the onesie, and use a pen to trace the outline of the neck below the neck seam onto the top of the paper. Draw another half-circle on the bottom to get your bib shape.

no sew traced design

3. Cut out your shape, then remove the paper on the back of your fused fabric, and place it right side up on the onesie, carefully lining up the top with the neck hole. Iron it in place according to the package directions.

4. Grab your smaller piece of fused fabric, and cut out 2-3 button-sized circles. Cut them out, and adhere them to the front of the bib:

no sew faux buttons

5. If you want this to be a no-sew project, you’re all done! If you want to take this a step further, grab that embroidery thread, and get to work. You want to sew an X in the center of each faux button, because that is now real buttons get sewn on. You can also use a fabric pen to add this detail, if you want!

Do you have a favorite baby shower craft project? Since it seems like everyone I know is having babies right now, I could definitely use more ideas!

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