Baby Game: Recycled Water Bottle Sensory Play

Baby Game: Water Bottle Sensory Toy

This is a fun baby game that you can make with an old water bottle and other materials from your stash!

Now that my son is approaching a year, he is a busy bee! I am constantly on the lookout for baby games to keep him busy. Anything that occupies him for a few minutes is a win in my book, and he loved playing with this water bottle baby game that I made him!

I’ve been looking for baby games that use reclaimed materials, and my son doesn’t always have the attention span. I was super excited to try this flying see saw game that uses an old paper towel tube and a baby book to make a catapult for toys, but he just wanted to throw the tube around the room and crawl after it. Clearly, I needed games that were active, and this fit the bill perfectly.

Darrol with His New Baby Game

It almost feels like cheating to write this as a formal tutorial. To make this baby game, you just put some cool things into an old water bottle, top it off with water (or not!), and let your baby play.

This is a supervised-only toy, if your child is under 2.

A water bottle cap is a choking hazard. Even if you are 1000 percent sure that that sucker is on there tightly with the glue. this is a toy that you want to play with with your baby if he’s still at the “chew on everything” stage. If your baby starts getting too interested in the cap, just gently redirect them to toss or roll the bottle around instead of chewing on it.

One more thing: I encourage you not to go out and buy a disposable water bottle for this baby game. To make my baby game, I had my husband snag some bottles from the recycle bin at his work. Better to keep some plastic pollution out of the waste stream than to buy new plastic for this project, right?

Recycled Water Bottle Baby Game


  • reclaimed water bottle with a cap
  • stash materials for filler – glitter, bits of cut up plastic, sequins, old buttons…have fun with this!
  • funnel
  • water (optional)
  • super glue


1. Fill your bottle about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way with your filler material, using your funnel to corral the filler into the tiny top. Top the bottle off with your water, if you want a floating effect or leave it empty for more of a rattle.

2. Apply a generous amount of super glue around the threads at the top of the bottle and the threads inside the bottlecap. Screw the cap on securely, and let your sensory baby toy dry for at least 2 hours before play. Before you give it to your baby, try to unscrew the cap. If it comes off, glue it again, wait another hour or two, and repeat until the cap is glued down securely.

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