5 Onesie Tutorials to Revamp Your Baby’s Wardrobe

Onesie Tutorials

Does your little one’s wardrobe need a little more oomph? Check out these onesie tutorials to deck them out!

Let’s be honest, moms and dads: one of the fun parts of parenting is dressing your kiddo up in cute outfits. That’s nothing to be ashamed about. Chances are, our kids will get us back for every silly outfit we put them in now (plus interest) during their teen years, right? That means you can choose any of these onesie tutorials with absolutely zero guilt.

And the best part? The projects I’ve chosen won’t just work well with second hand onesies or ones that are already in your kid’s dresser drawers.

You can also use eco-friendly and reclaimed materials, so you don’t have to feel any green guilt, either! Win-win!

DIY Cardigan Onesie Tutorials

1.  DIY Cardigan Onesie

I know, there are a gajillion cardigan onesie tutorials out there, and I chose this one by Jennifer at Baby Making Machine because the directions are clear, and her method is the simplest I’ve seen. To green this up even more, choose vintage buttons and a second hand onesie. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can also make your own bias tape from vintage or stash fabric, too!

Appliqued Onesie Tutorials

2. Simple Appliqued Onesie

Chaney at May Richer Fuller Be has a beautiful tutorial for making appliqued onesies. This would be a great technique for covering up stains to extend the life of something in your kid’s closet. This is also a great chance to bust that stash of scrap fabric! Pick fun prints and shapes. This iron-on technique is so addictive, you guys. I could do it all day long.

onesie craft ideas onesie to t-shirt

3. Onesie to Baby T-Shirt

Do you have a favorite onesie that’s getting a little bit too small for your kiddo? Turn it into a tee! I know kids all grow differently, but my boy tends to get too long for things before he gets too wide for them, so his onesies start to have a really classy low-cut look as I try to keep using them. Converting it into a t-shirt makes it last longer, and you even get to keep that pretty, finished hem at the bottom.


4. Necktie Onesie

This is another tutorial that can help hide food stains, and it’s great for using stash fabric! Check out the video above for the how-to, and you can grab the pdf necktie template over at Superior Threads.

striped onesie tutorials

5. DIY Striped Onesie

Why do babies look 600 times cuter in stripes? Transform a plain onesie from your stash into a striped onesie with this tutorial from Honeybear Lane. She uses RIT dye, but wouldn’t it be fun to mix up your own natural dye for this instead?

Image Credits (in order of appearance): photos by Becky Striepe, Baby Making Machine, May Rich Fuller Be,  Becky Striepe, and Honeybear Lane. All images used with permission.

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