Art that Makes a Difference: The Canary Project

Solar Ballerinas from the Canary Project

With belief in climate science at an all-time low, it’s tough to convince folks to reduce their carbon footprints these days. Even folks who do believe the science don’t necessarily feel an urgent need to act, because so many of the predictions are framed in terms of far off consequences in faraway places. The Canary Project is looking to change that by using art to demonstrate the visible effects of climate change that are occurring right now.

The project got started in 2006 when Edward Morris and Susannah Sayler began photographing landscapes that were affected by global warming. It’s since expanded beyond photography to include all sorts of different mediums. This introductory video gives some great insights into what the project is all about:


Does that video inspire you to salvage and make something crafty with plastic bottles or what?

Projects include the photography that gave Canary its roots, as well as art installations, performance pieces, gardening, video, collage, and illustration. The Canary Project is telling its story over at Changents. If you want to get involved, they’ve listed a number of volunteer opportunities over there!

I just love running across any sort of makers that are using their skills for change! It’s so uplifting. Has art of craft inspired you to change a habit or opinion? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

[VIA: Green Living Ideas]

Image Credit: Solar Ballerinas via Changents. Used with permission.

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