75 DIY Garden Projects to Make Your Green Space Awesome!

75 DIY Garden Projects to Make Your Green Space Awesome!

Looking for DIY garden projects to make your green space awesome? We have you covered!

Throughout Garden Week we’ve shared incredible DIY garden projects here at CAGW and on all of the sites that participated! We were blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of each project posted, and we hope that you were too! To end Garden Week with a bang, we’ve put together 75 of the best DIY garden projects in a mega round-up. All of the garden creativity you’ll need this spring is right here at your fingertips!

75 DIY Garden Projects to Make Your Green Space Awesome!

Outdoor Decor

1. Upcycle a metal tin into a chalkboard planter

2. Turn an old crib into an upcycled garden trellis

3. Upcycle an old chair into a colorful planter

4. DIY card catalog drawer garden planter

5. DIY concrete mosaic

6. Turn an old bowling ball into a garden ornament

7. DIY tiki torches from old glass bottles

8. Turn old bricks into a vertical planter

9. Grow a miniature succulent garden in a light bulb terrarium

10. How to: painted stones for your garden

11. Whimsical yard art from recycled plastic pots

12. Kitty planters from plastic bottles

13. DIY pallet garden walkway

14. A portable pallet fence

15. Create a decorative plate wall for your porch or patio

16. DIY chandelier bird feeder

17. DIY wire spool and metal tub coffee table

18. Make a chandelier planter

19. Dresser drawer planter

20. DIY bundt pant planter

21. Upcycle an old shutter into garden art

22. DIY garden boot strawberry planter

23. How to make teacup planters

24. $10 DIY one hour upcycled firepit

25. DIY pallet garden organizer

26. Turn a lamp into a birdbath

27. Make a totem pole from recycled materials

28. DIY tin can wind chime

29. Create tire planters

30. Turn a plastic pumpkin into a sheet music planter

31. Vintage suitcase turned garden planter

32. DIY floppy disk planters

33. DIY tie planters (use recycled grocery bags instead of plastic bags)

34. Decorate an outdoor candle

35. Painted tire planters (use low VOC spray paint, if you can!)

36. Upcycle a dresser into a planter

37. All natural graffiti made from moss

38. Dry wall tape terra cotta pot

39. Cute recycled planters that you can make with your kids

40. DIY seed bomb wedding favors

41. Biodegradable plant pots from coffee grounds

42. How to care for your garden furniture

43. DIY bird feeder from an old glass soda bottle

44. Build a solar street lamp for your backyard

45. DIY hanging garden tins

75 DIY Garden Projects to Make Your Green Space Awesome!Gardening Tips and Tricks

46. Where to buy seeds and what to look for

47. 35 garden ideas to keep you growing

48. 5 beauty herbs and how to use them

49. How to make an upside down tomato planter

50. Build a honey bee habitat from scrap wood

51. DIY wood pallet garden

52. DIY drip irrigation for under ten dollars

53. Make your own natural or recycled pots for plants and seedlings

54. How to get started with raised bed gardening

55. DIY garden markers

56. 5 simple DIY plant markers

57. DIY gardening: how to build a worm compost

58. Homemade insecticidal soap

59. How to regrow your lettuce

60. 5 homemade fertilizer recipes

61. CD plant markers

62. DIY seed starting mix recipes

63. DIY hanging herb planter from a mesh produce bag

64.Β  Knowing your first and last frost or freeze dates

65. Compost 101: don’t garden without it

66. Planning the ultimate heirloom garden

67. Keep snails away from your garden with copper

68. Top 15 food plants that grow in the shade

69. 5 tips for having a Green Diva spring garden

70. The DIY compost bin that you’ll actually want to use

71. How to plant spring garlic

72. DIY gardening: build a rain barrel

73. Mini greenhouse from a plastic bottle

74. How to grow herbs in a container garden

75. Test the soil in your garden

What are your outdoor plans for this spring? Which DIY garden projects do you want to try? Share your plans with us in the comment section below!

[Photo credits: Garden Scene via Shutterstock; Colorful bicycle carrying flowers via Shutterstock; Gardening tools via Shutterstock.]

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