Spotted: Cute Recycled Planters (that you can make with your kids!)

Upcycled Planters

These sweet little recycled planters are a great way to get your kids excited about upcycling and about nature. A two in one learning experience!

Don’t you just love this adorable take on plastic bottle planters from Stephanie Morgan at eHow’s Mom channel? She uses plastic bottles and some basic craft supplies. In the list below, I’m including the supplies that she calls for along with upcycled alternatives, so you can make this project as recycled as you want to!


  • old plastic bottles
  • plants – Your bottles are your pots, so choose plants that will thrive in that amount of space.
  • potting soil – Choose good, organic potting soil.
  • glue – Some Ecoglue, perhaps?
  • scissors
  • serrated knife
  • decorations – vintage buttons, bottle caps, fabric scraps

Got your materials together? Click here for the tutorial!

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