Ten Tag Sale Tips

Now that the weather is getting warmer, a great way to spend a Saturday is cruising your neighborhood treasure hunting. A Tag sale or Garage sale is a great place to bargain hunt, find surprising cheap thrills, and a wonderful way to “help” your neighbors destash their trash treasure.

Here are some helpful hints to pick up some vintage finds for your next craft or screaming cheap, “I-need-a-new-paint-job!”, wicker furniture.

  1. If you know you are looking for specific items such as a stroller, for example, check with the Consumer Products Commission on what models have been recalled. By law, recalled products should not be resold.
  2. Search Craigslist, Pennysaver, Classifieds and other online sites that list garage sales based on where you live.
  3. Go early in the day but not too early and get the owners annoyed. That’s rude.
  4. Go later in the day when the owner is about to close. She/he might want to give you a better price. Of course, you take a chance of not getting what you want at the end of the day but whatever you can find would be a real bargain.
  5. Bring small bills. It’ll make your life a lot easier. And the sellers will love you.
  6. Don’t pass on items without prices. You can probably haggle more on those items since the owner might have forgotten what price she was going to charge. Make an offer she can’t refuse.
  7. Have an imagination. Don’t overlook a dusty lamp with a stained shade. If the base is good and it’s in working order, you know what you can do with some fabric and a sewing machine.
  8. Always test electronics to make sure they work, unless you don’t care if it’s in working order. Ask the owner if she has an outlet or an extension cord so you can test them.
  9. Walk away if the price is not right. Then, go back a little later to see the item was “meant” for you.
  10. Bring reusable bags for your treasure.

Tag sales are a great way to recycle, whether you are having one yourself or going to one for bargain hunting. What was your greatest find at a tag sale?

[Photo by besighyawn, used under Creative Commons License ]

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  1. Thanks for the tips, esp regarding not selling recalled products. Β If you’d like an easy tool to help you check for recalls AND show your buyers you checked, take a look at Simply Check.

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