Betz White + Robert Kaufman = Inspiration

Robert Kaufman

I have sort of a crafty crush on Betz White. Between her book, Sewing Green, her zero waste sewing philosophy and her gorgeous line of organic cotton fabrics and sewing patterns, she’s a green crafty superstar and a real hero of mine.

Now, White is expanding her green crafty influence even further through a licensing deal with Robert Kaufman fabrics as part of their Greenstyle collection! Starting in July, crafters will be able to pick up White’s designs on GOTS certified organic cotton wholesale and at stores all over the world.

She revealed the news in a recent post on her blog, in which she said:

In 2005, I left the corporate world and continued to design prints that sold to the apparel industry through a studio in New York. Doing so was one step closer to “doing my own thing” and it did satisfy me for a while! But selling my work through a middleman felt a little anonymous. I knew that I would eventually want to license my work so that it had my name attached to it. And now that time has come!

It is so inspiring to see an indie crafter able to use her skills to escape corporate life. I know this is a dream for many, and it’s women like Betz White who inspire the rest of us to shoot for our crafty dreams.

Let’s keep the inspiration going, green crafty peeps! Do you guys have dreams of launching your crafts into a full time gig? Have you done it already? Let’s share stories in the comments!

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