Women’s Rights Week: 5 Crafty Organizations Helping Women Through Craft

heart embroidery for women's rights week

We talk a lot about choosing processes, tools, and supplies that protect the environment, but for me that’s only one aspect of green crafting. Don’t get me wrong – environmental sustainability is dear to my heart, but social responsibility and green crafting also feel like they ought to go hand in hand.

Crafting a Green World is part of the Important Media Blog Network (IM), and this week we’re having a network-wide celebration of women’s rights. This post is part of IM’s Women’s Rights Week.

What does crafting have to do with women’s rights? So much! Crafting is empowering, and there are women all over the world who are supporting themselves and their families with their crafts. There are also organizations out there where you can donate your crafty skills to support women in need. Whether we’re talking about teaching job skills or donating crafted goods to comfort women in crisis, there are all kinds of ways that you can use your craft to support women’s rights. Here are five crafty organizations that are making a difference for women.

  1. Prosperity Candle teaches women to make candles as a form of economic empowerment.
  2. The Comfort Doll Project delivers handmade dolls to battered women’s shelters.
  3. Herban Crafts – who we’ve written about here before – combine commerce and job training. They pack and assemble their kits as part of a job training course for unemployed women in transitional housing.
  4. Maasai Beading rescues young Maasai girls from being married off at a young age and sells bead jewelry to support their education.
  5. The Sewing Initiative is part of the Afghan Relief Organization. The group teaches Afghan women to sew and do traditional Afghan embroidery techniques. The proceeds from sale of their items goes back to pay these women and further the program’s work.

Do you have a favorite crafty organization that supports women’s rights, either here in the U.S. or abroad? Tell us about it in the comments!

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