What do You Need to Reuse or Upcycle?

What do you need to reuse?If you’re a regular visitor here, chances are you’ve checked out our resource page with ideas on how to reuse certain items that would otherwise be headed to the recycle bin or the landfill. We started that resources page to help you guys quickly find what you need, but I have to confess that I have done a terrible job maintaining it. I’m planning to go through and see what seems to be missing, but I’d also like to know what you would like to see on that page!

  • Is there something that you’ve been hanging on to but aren’t sure how to reuse?
  • Maybe there’s something you see getting wasted at home or in the office that you just know you could craftily repurpose if you just had a few ideas to get you started!
  • Has someone asked you how to reuse something, and you were stumped?

We want to hear from you guys! If you have a few minutes, check out our How do I reuse…? page, and drop a comment here letting us know what you’d like us to add. If we have an article about how to reuse your item, I’ll get it added immediately. If not, I’ll send your request to our awesome writers, and we’ll do our best come up with something for you!

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6 thoughts on “What do You Need to Reuse or Upcycle?”

  1. My mom has two full shelves of encyclopedias from 1988. She’d love to have the room for real books, but neither of us can bring ourselves to just throw them into the trash, even if it is the recycling bin. Other than making 30 purses or covers for Kindles and iPads we don’t own, I’d love to have some ideas of ways I could upcycle at least a few of them!

  2. I know I’ve seen a lot of book art on the internet. Maybe you can put a listing on Craigslist or Freecycle to give them away to someone who can use them? There are crafty ways to make magnets and jewelry beads out of pages, but that would be a lot of work with a full set of encyclopedias! Would scrapbookers be interested in them? Good luck!

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