17 Ways to Reuse a Burlap Sack

Make a flower trug from an old burlap sack!

There are so many fun ways to reuse a burlap sack! Try out some of these creative burlap craft ideas.

There are so many fun ways to reuse a burlap sack! Try out some of these creative burlap craft ideas.

If you’re a crafter who loves to reuse, chances are you’ve never thrown away a burlap sack, if you were lucky enough to score one. Maybe you have a coffee bag or two taking up space in your crafty stash right now!

Try some of these awesome ways to reuse a burlap sack, whether it’s a coffee bag, potato sack, rice bag, or something completely different!

Old potato sacks or coffee sacks make lovely, simple, DIY wall art! Here's how I transformed some salvaged burlap sacks into display-worthy pieces.

1. Wall Art – Burlap sacks often come printed with cool designs. Show them off with this neat framing technique!

2. Burlap Bunnies – Just in time for Easter! These cute bunnies are a great way to reuse old burlap sacks.

3. Chair Cover – Got an old chair that needs reupholstering? Burlap to the rescue!

4. Purse – I’m loving the look of this cute burlap purse.

How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Burlap Box

5. Home Storage – Fabric boxes are great for wrangling craft supplies! Grab an old burlap sack and get yourself organized!

6. No-Sew Drawstring Bags – These are great for protecting small items, like lipstick or sunglasses, in your purse. You can also use them as party favor bags. No sewing required.

Make a flower trug from an old burlap sack!

7. Flower Trug – Tote those fresh-cut flowers in style!

8. Halloween Treat Bags – It’s a little bit early to start planning for Halloween, so tuck this tute away for the fall!

Burlap Sack Bulletin Board

9. Bulletin Board – Turn an ugly, second-hand bulletin board into something totally cute.

10. Ottomans – I’ll be honest: I’m floored at how cute these coffee sack ottomans are! Any large burlap sack would work for this project.

11. Table Runner – Turn an old burlap sack into a rustic table runner for your next dinner party.

12. No-Sew Sofa Cushions – No sewing skills required to make these cute sofa cushions from old burlap sacks!

13. Paintings – This is a great way to use up smaller, leftover pieces of burlap. You can choose unprinted portions of your bag, or work with any already-printed text or logos to create your burlap art.

14. Market Tote – Because doesn’t everyone need one more reusable grocery bag? This design is super adorable!

15. Sunglasses Case – This burlap sunglasses case is lined with recycled felt to protect your shades from scratches.

16. Lampshade – Turn a boring old lampshade into a statement piece with some burlap from an old coffee sack, rice bag, or potato sack.

17. Hand-Lettering – This is another cool way to deck out your burlap for any of the projects listed above. House by Hoff shows you how to add crisp, beautiful hand-lettering to your burlap.

Do you have any favorite ways to reuse a burlap sack? Tell us about them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “17 Ways to Reuse a Burlap Sack”

  1. Where do you find your burlap sacks? I would love to be able to have a stash on hand. However, even our chicken feed has gone to “plastic” burlap … and you can’t even bring them back in for reuse because they’re worried about cross-contamination.

    1. I wonder if you have any local growers or eco-friendly farmers near you? I bought some used coffee sacks off of a coffee plantation during a vacation in Hawaii once, and although of course I’m not going to be trotting off to Hawaii every time I need a coffee sack, it did tune me into the local growers, grinders, farmers, etc. who might be using, re-using, and/or selling their sustainable supplies in my area.

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