Spotted: DIY Chair Cushions from Old Coffee Sacks

DIY Chair Cushions from an Old Coffee Sack

How cute are these DIY chair cushions that I spotted while teleworking at a coffee shop?

I was having coffee at Urban Grounds in Avondale Estates (just outside of Atlanta) last week when I spied this very cute coffee sack reuse. They made boring old plastic chairs cute and cozy by adding DIY chair cushions made from old coffee bags.

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Their DIY chair cushions are covered in clear vinyl, but I think that you could make this work without quite as much plastic by using a fusible web to reinforce the burlap instead. I got super creepy and checked out how they made these. It looks like the chairs had removable cushions already, which means that you could easily reproduce this with your own chairs using our tutorial for how to reupholster a cushion.

Since burlap tends to fray, you’d definitely want to do something to finish the edges before stretching your coffee sack fabric over your chair, especially if you’re skipping the vinyl that Urban Grounds used. Even if you just fold the edges over by 1/2″ and use a zig zag stitch, you should be good.

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