Tutorial: Feed Sack Flower Trug

Make a flower trug from an old burlap sack!

I am always inspired by Junk Camp projects, like the rubber stamp photo holders. Spring is here and Ki is sharing a flower trug tutorial made from a vintage feedsack. We are big fans of repurposing feed sacks.

With two spindle dowels, a vintage feed sack, and a little webbing Ki created this easy, graphic flower trug for carrying cut flowers from the garden. She used the webbing (you could also use an organic twill tape or sturdy ribbon) to create loops to fit snuggle over the spindles. With one spindle on each end of the feed sack you can load your trug up with flowers and easily carry them with the spindle handles. If you don’t have decorative spindles, you could also use plain dowels and create a pocket hem at each end of the feed sack to conceal the dowels.

Here is a brief step by step:

  1. Cut two spindles slightly longer than the width of the flower sack.
  2. Open the seam on the bottom of the feed sack.  Fold under and press the raw edges on both ends.
  3. Attach 4 loops to each end by sandwiching them between the front and back of the feed sack.
  4. Top stitch openings on both ends.  Use reinforcement stitches over the loops.
  5. Insert spindles and load up with flowers!

See the full flower trug tutorial for detailed instructions and step by step pictures.

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[Image courtesy of Ki, Junk Camp]

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