Want to Boycott Hobby Lobby? Here are 7 alternatives.

Want to Boycott Hobby Lobby? Here are 7 alternatives.

Want to Boycott Hobby Lobby? Here are 7 alternatives.

Many crafters are opting to boycott Hobby Lobby. If you want to shop elsewhere but need some ideas, we’ve got seven of them for you!

Hobby Lobby sued the U.S. government for the right to deny its employees access to four types of birth control. The case has some far-reaching consequences, and activists are calling on crafters to boycott Hobby Lobby.

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If you’re looking to boycott Hobby Lobby, you want to make sure you don’t jump ship to another craft store that also donates a ton of money to political causes you oppose. The list below includes companies big and small along with some more alternative sources for your craft supplies. Because green crafting is all about ingenuity!

Boycott Hobby Lobby: 7 Craft Supply Alternatives

For the large companies on this list, I’m providing as much information as I can find on how they spend their money. Corporations make huge donations to political campaigns and spend millions lobbying Congress. It can be hard to find out where all of those dollars are going, but I did my best!

1. Create for Less – This is a small online craft supply store with a great selection and – as the name implies – pretty awesome prices. I used to order recycled felt from them quite a bit when I sold my cupcake aprons back in the day.

2. Amazon – You can find almost every craft supply you want on Amazon, as long as you don’t mind waiting for it to ship. Amazon is a big company, so before spending your money there, you may want to read up on where they spend their lobbying dollars.

3. Etsy – The supply section of Etsy is a craft supply wonderland! Support a small business while stocking up on the supplies you need.

4. Jo Ann Fabrics – Honestly, I was hesitant to include Jo Ann on this list. I wasn’t able to find current information on their political donations. All that I have to go in is the result of research that I did a long time ago for Care2 using a now-defunct website. Back then, Jo Ann supported democratic candidates almost exclusively. My digging didn’t turn up information on how they spend lobbying money today.

5. Your Recycle Bin – This isn’t a store. One of the joys of upcycling is that we don’t have to give so much money to large corporations when we need craft supplies. Green crafters get to partially opt out by reusing, reclaiming, and repurposing. Back pats, y’all. Back pats.

6. Creative Reuse Centers – These awesome craft supply resources are popping up in major towns all over the world. They take donated craft supplies and sell them at a huge discount. Creative reuse centers also tend to stock unusual “craft supplies” like wallpaper samples and carpet remnants.

7. Thrift Stores – Everything that I said about raiding your recycle bin applies here. Yay for thrift stores! I know, some thrift stores also donate money to political causes that you may not support. If that is important to you, you’ll want to do your research before hitting Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village, or your local thrift store.

Are you participating in the Hobby Lobby boycott? Tell us where you’re finding your craft supplies these days!

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4 thoughts on “Want to Boycott Hobby Lobby? Here are 7 alternatives.”

  1. Robbin Vokes Lenardon

    Never go there. The home items are too ugly πŸ™‚ Don’t forget about taking apart old sweaters, either your own or from thrift stores. There is info on how to do this on-line.

  2. You assume all your readers disagree with Hobby Lobby. That’s a mistake. I don’t want to pay for my employees birth control – pregnancy is not a disease! they can pay for it themselves, as they always have, as I used to.
    Funny: people get all bent out of shape putting artificial sweeteners in their bodies, and they get all sniffy about artificial color, but they will load themselves with artificial hormones without a second thought.

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