Spotted: Toilet Paper Tube Shamrocks from Pretty Prudent (and More Eco-Friendly Shamrock Crafts!)

Toilet Paper Tube Shamrock

Toilet Paper Tube Shamrock

Because you’ve got to give the kids something to do while you drink green beer, check out this super-cute toilet paper tube shamrock craft from Pretty Prudent. I like that it does double-duty–it’s an excellent kid craft, but it looks hella cool when an adult does it, too. It’s fun for everyone!

Need a little more non-beer green for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Here are more eco-friendly shamrock crafts to keep you festive:

1. bannerTo make this project green and not just “green,” use upcycled papers.

2. button artUse up all your green buttons!

3. edible garnishesYou’ll need a shamrock punch, but if you’ve got one, this is a super-awesome way to add shamrocks to your Paddy’s Day meals.

4. embellished Mason jarsUse these as luminaries or to hold flowers or other party supplies.

Shamrock Crafts5. embroidery hoop wreathHere is some quick decorating that you can do for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

6. felt shamrocksEco-friendly felt is easy to find, whether it’s wool felt (natural!), or recycled-plastic felt (recycling!).

7. green garlandMake it a little more shamrocky by choosing all green buttons.

8. green pepper prints. Kids will love discovering the shamrock that appears when they print from a halved green pepper.

9. hair accessoriesThese are easy to make from scrap fabric.

10. magazine heart shamrocksGet kids upcycling those old magazines!

11. record album shamrocksThis tute includes some pretty brilliant instructions for cutting record albums with SCISSORS.

12. shamrock beanieIt’s still cold here. Might as well be festive about it.

13. shamrock broochWear this so you don’t get pinched!

14. shamrock pizzaI’m thinking green peppers, jalepenos, green olives, spinach, kale…

15. split pea shamrocksLittle kids love these kinds of mosaic projects.

Shamrock Crafts16. toilet paper roll shamrockThis one is a different look than Pretty Prudent’s shamrock; it’s the way to go if you’ve only got one spare toilet paper tube to craft with.

17. wine cork shamrocksYou can get the kids started on this after you’ve opened your third bottle of wine.

Photo Credit: toilet paper tube shamrock via Pretty Prudent

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