Spotted: Rainbow Whole-Fruit Popsicles + 24 More Rainbow Crafts

Rainbow Crafts

Spotted: Rainbow Whole-Fruit Popsicles + 24 More Rainbow Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, on account of I like myself some rainbows. So, I pretend that St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that’s made for pretty rainbow crafts, and I’m happy to oblige.

Take these rainbow whole fruit popsicles, from The View from Great Island. The Popsicle recipe calls only for fruit, so there’s no added sugar to upset tummies or make kids hyper, but if you pop these into rainbow order, maybe blend some of the blueberry with banana to mellow the color for blue, then you’ve got a picture-perfect, rainbow-themed, St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Here are 24 other rainbow projects to carry you through the holiday!

1. button embroideryHere is a GREAT beginning embroidery project!

2. colored sand. It can be kind of expensive! Fortunately, this homemade colored sand is cheap and easy to make.

3. cooked rainbow pastaI don’t feel like you should eat this, but it would be SUPER fun for younger kids to play with.

4. dyed white carnationsIt’s a simple science demonstration, sure, but one that my kids love to repeat. We do this one probably every single year.

5. dyed pastaIt’s a great sensory material for younger kids, and a fun art supply for older ones.

6. found objects color wheelThis could be a scavenger hunt for a party full of kids, or a “bring some stuff from home” get-together. Either way, it’ll turn out just gorgeous.

7. healthy, homemade gummiesMake some candy that you’ll WANT to eat!

8. homemade sprinklesBrilliant!!!

9. natural egg dyeWe don’t try to save our dyed eggs until Easter, so why not kill two birds with one stone and dye a rainbow of eggs for St. Patrick’s Day?

10. play dough. My classic play dough recipe takes color like a champ. Dye it in rainbow colors, and it’ll be a perfect set-up for the kids.

11. play silksIf you’ve been looking for an excuse to make something special for your kids, here it is!

12. rainbow bubble snakesThis summer craft uses upcycled materials; add in some color for even more fun!

13. rainbow cardUse the last bits of ribbon in your stash, or even buttons, to make this pretty all-occasion card.

14. rainbow cupcakes. Use your favorite natural food coloring and white wheat flour for this recipe. This is a great one for those who don’t have the patience or skill set to make one of those layered rainbow cakes–these tie-dyed cupcakes are MUCH easier, and they always turn out super cute.

15. rainbow fruit kabobsHealthy, pretty party food–yay!

16. rainbow rockerThis also requires some woodworking skills, but it would be the best toddler gift ever.

17. rainbow sandwich breadHow FUN would this be?!?

18. sanding sugar. Decorate your St. Patrick’s Day treats with this homemade organic sanding sugar in all the colors of the rainbow.

19. stacked heartsHere’s a great craft project for a kid who wants to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Upcycled cardboard can be hard to cut, but the kids should be able to do all the tracing and painting and stacking and gluing themselves.

20. tie-dye. Who doesn’t love tie-dye?!? To solve the problem of tie-dye tending to be just a tiny little smidge on the tacky side, we tie-dye our socks.

21. veggie pizzaEveryone will eat the rainbow with this healthy veggie pizza!

22. yogurt popsiclesPlain yogurt also takes color like a champ; if you need to get some probiotics into tummies, blend it with fruit or dye it with natural food coloring to make a pretty rainbow popsicle.

23. wooden rainbow stackersThis is a pretty sophisticated woodworking project, but it IS a way to make one of the most popular fancy natural wooden toy sets all by yourself at home. Got a bandsaw you can borrow?

24. yarn rainbow. Dye your own yarn your own way with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Photo credit: rainbow whole fruit popsicle image via The View from Great Island

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