Shower Caddy Planter

Shower Caddy Planter

When your shower caddy gets gunky, you toss it out, right? Who has time to clean a caddy when we can buy a fresh one for super cheap. Well, imagine all the plastic caddies that end up in landfills because of that thinking.

Shower Caddy Planter

Some of the worst caddy crimes happen on college campuses. At the end of the semester, students hurl thousands of “slightly used” caddies into dumpsters on move-out day. Once a dorm room must-have, now it’s TRASH. I guess it’s just too much trouble to save it for next semester.
The crunchy solution to this caddy conundrum is a DIY shower caddy planter. Put it on your patio table. Hang it from your porch. Celebrate its crafty re-usability!


Shower Caddy Planter


  1. Clean your shower caddy and remove the suction cups. They should pop right off the back. Save them! We can use those for future craft projects.
  2. Give your caddy a few coats of spray paint. Make sure it’s outdoor paint.
  3. When the caddy is dry, line it with coco fiber. I just buy the ones they sell for hanging baskets and cut it to fit my caddy.
  4. Add plants.
  5. Most caddies have holes and openings, so hanging it on a single nail or hook in your garden is super easy. You can also use chains to hang your DIY planter. And if you don’t like any of those options, it can simply rest on your patio table.

Shower Caddy Planter

Why Shower Caddies Make Good Planters

  • They’re usually made of plastic and while plastic isn’t great…it’s durable. And since it’s already here, why not use it to our advantage outside. Your shower caddy will definitely hold up against the elements.
  • Shower caddies usually have lots of holes and openings – perfect for drainage.
  • They’re made for hanging, so turning one into a hanging planter requires very little effort. It’s a no brainer!
    Shower Caddy Planter

Written by Crunchy Scott

I'm a self-proclaimed eco-geek. I'm also a flexitarian foodie, a crunchy crafter and an eco-journalist. And if it's awesomely 80s, I'm into it. Oh, and I wrote a kids book too! Find me on and . Wow, I'm everywhere! So come find me.

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