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comic book wallpaper (1 of 1)

Got wall space that needs some style?

Then check out my small wall makeover that I did in one afternoon with nothing but comic books and Mod Podge. It adds a LOT of personality to a little bit of square footage!

To do this project, you will need:

  • old comic books.Β I get most of my stash from the super-bargain back room at my local comic book shop. Quarter a comic and every eleventh one free–can’t beat a deal like that!
  • Mod Podge.Β You can use any similar PVC scrapbooking glue, but I freely admit that I buy Mod Podge by the gallon.
  • scissors and a paintbrush.Β  I used a guillotine paper trimmer and a foam paintbrush; any similar will work.

1. Clean the wall.Β Dust and then spray clean your wall space until it’s spic and span; this will help the glue adhere.

2. Trim the comic book pages.Β Sort through the comic books, finding pages that you’d like to put on your wall–I searched for pages that included my favorite characters. For a wall space that’s small like mine, you’ll probably want to trim your pages down and decoupage them to the wall as smaller pieces. My wall space is long but not very wide, so I mostly cut my comic pages in half vertically, leaving the entire length intact on each one.

comic book wallpaper (1 of 2)3. Glue the pages to the wall.Β I like to glue around the fussy parts of my wall first–the outlets and switches, the 1.5″ space between the door frame and the ceiling, etc.–and then do the easier parts. Overlap the pages as you glue; when my partner came home and saw my work, he said that it reminded him of the opening of a Marvel movie, with the comic book images flipping past.

comic book wallpaper (2 of 2)4. Seal with more Mod Podge.Β Over the next couple of days, lay a few more coats of Mod Podge over the decoupaged wall. After several coats of Mod Podge and a week to cure, you’ll be able to nail into the wall and spray clean it as necessary.

And yes, my last coat of Mod Podge did have a container of glitter mixed in. I can’t help myself–I love glitter!

5 thoughts on “DIY Home + Garden: Comic Book Wallpaper”

  1. I think my landlord/lady would have fit :o)

    I love this idea though, especially for, like you said, a small wall space. Gonna have to pin it for the forever home!

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