16 Hanukkah Crafts from Recycled Materials

There are so many cool Hanukkah crafts that you can make from recycled materials.

A great way to have an eco-friendly Hanukkah is to make your decorations from stuff that you’d otherwise throw away. It’s especially easy when there are so many really cool Hanukkah crafts that you can make from recycled materials. Check out this list!

Hanukkah Crafts

16 Recycled Hanukkah Crafts

Hanukkah Crafts: Building Block Candle Holders - Learn how to make wood candle holders from those building blocks your kids haven't touched in years.1. alphabet block menorahUpcycle your children’s outgrown alphabet blocks into candle holders, and then into this sweet menorah.

2. cardboard dreidel A cereal box is the prefect weight of cardstock to upcycle for this dreidel.

3. CD and marker dreidel. Use a dried-out marker to upcycle it, or use a fresh maker and make spin art as you play!

4. dreidel snow globesUpcycle empty baby food jars for this craft.

5. fleece pom pom garlandCollect your scrap fleece in Hanukkah colors for this garland.

6. gelt Connect 4It sounds tricky to make the gelt fit perfectly, but this is such a cool use for a Connect 4 game.

7. Kinder Surprise menorahIf you’re in the US, you can’t get Kinder Surprise containers, but your leftover plastic Easter eggs should work.

8. scrap wood and stone menorahSand and stain the scrap wood to make it look even more lovely.

9. tin can Star of David luminaryHere’s a beautiful way to upcycle any old can.

10. toilet paper tube candlesThese are especially fun for kids, because they can decorate them as colorfully as they like.

11. toilet paper tube menorahYou can do anything with toilet paper tubes!

12. toilet paper tube party favorsHere’s an easy way to package party favors for a children’s party, and the kids can even help decorate them.

13. toy animal menorahUpcycle the kids’ old toy animals into this super cute menorah.

14. window cardsThe tutorial uses aluminum foil, but these Hanukkah cards would be just as pretty with stash or vintage papers.

15. wood blocks menorahIt would be fun to make this menorah from kids’ old wood blocks with different sizes.

16. wood spool menorahThe tute calls for new spools bought from a craft store, but look for vintage wood spools for a more eco-friendly project.

There are so many cool Hanukkah crafts that you can make from recycled materials.

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Hanukkah Crafts

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