8 Natural + Recycled Art Projects for Kids (toddler edition)

8 Natural + Recycled Art Projects for Kids (toddler edition!)

8 Natural + Recycled Art Projects for Kids (toddler edition!)

My kid is just starting to really be able to do art projects. At two, he’s finally learning that paint and crayons are for making art, not for eating. It’s like this whole world of art projects for kids is opening up to us. These are some of the natural and recycled art projects for kids that I want to try with my guy.

1. Sandy Handprint – This is on my to do list while we’re at the beach this summer for sure!

2. Painted Wood Toys – I need to dig through his stash of blocks for some unfinished ones that he can decorate himself!

3. Cork Love Bugs – Have you been hoarding wine corks? Grab some scrap paper, googly eyes, and glue, and make these cute little butterflies.

4. Food Scrap Stamps – My guy already likes to “help” me cook (read: cut his wooden fruit with his wooden knife while I do supper prep). Now, we can craft with the scraps from making supper together!

5. Leaf Printing – My kid loves to take little walks. Next time, we’ll collect leaves and do some printing when we get home.

6. Walking Stick – What a fun way to get him excited about walking in the woods – a walking stick that he paints himself!

7. Melted Crayons – We have a growing collection of broken crayons that would be perfect for this project. I’m not going to hand my toddler a glue gun, so I’ll do that part, then invite him over for the melting. You can use a hair dryer if you don’t have a heat gun.

8. Scrap Paper Rainbow – Draw the outline of the rainbow, then let your kid fill it in. You might need to lay the glue down yourself, depending on how much you trust your kid with a glue bottle.

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