Cardboard Boxes Make the Best Art

I recently found out about this great collabortive art piece called The Box Doodle Project.  The idea is that you take a cardboard box that would otherwise be thrown out, and make art with it.  Their tagline is “Make the most of the least,” and I couldn’t agree with that more.  If you’ve got a cardboard box, some Sharpies or paint, and some bursting creativity, you too can be part of The Box Doodle Project.

Mixtape Box Doodle

The Box Doodle Project even has an online tool, so you can still join in on the fun if you don’t have boxes waiting to be recylced.  It gives you all kinds of paint colors and marker sizes.  This is a great option if you would rather recycle your boxes than make art with them, but like the idea of recycled art, or if you’ve already sent your boxes off to the recycling facility.

If you don’t want to make your own, either with real materials or online, you can still enjoy surfing through all the projects that have been posted to the Project.  There are some truly awesome boxes on the website, and worth browsing through.

Box Doodle

[Image Credit: The Box Doodle Project]

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