CAGW Writer Quoted in a New Book

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A new book tackles plastic in our daily lives and includes a quote from CAGW writer Karen Lee!

Even for the greenest crafter, it’s hard to keep plastic out of our processes, isn’t it? You can do your best to cut back or choose recycled plastic materials, but at the end of the day it’s really tough to create craft projects without using plastic.

That struggle is why I’m super excited about Plastic Free, a new book from Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life. The book is all about kicking the plastic habit in all aspects of your life, and crafting is no exception. We’re all about finding ways to get plastic out of our lives here at Crafting a Green World, so we’re super proud that one of our former writers–Karen Lee–is quoted in the book.

The quotes come from an article that Lee wrote for us in September 2011 entitled Green Crafting: A Justifiable Means to an End?, and it asks some hard questions about the green crafting manifesto. If you missed that article when it first came out, I hope you’ll check it out and leave your thoughts.

Karen is quoted on page 86 of the paper version and page 99 or 100 of the digital version of Plastic Free. I’ve been a fan of Beth Terry since her Fake Plastic Fish days, so I’m doubly excited that Karen and Crafting a Green World could contribute to this book!

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