Knit.1 Magazine Winter 2007 Issue Preview

Knit.1 Magazine Winter 2007 Issue PreviewAfter their well-received Green issue, Knit.1 Magazine continues to bring the classic art of knitting to thousands of younger purl pursuers. I must admit, the publication is a personal favorite of mine and I have been subscribed since the beginning. Each issue has a theme, and the Winter 2007 theme is Time – an integrative part of all of our lives and the craft of knitting itself. Here is a brief glimpse at what editor Adina Klein has to say in her editor’s letter for the issue:

In this age of I-want-it-NOW, taking the time to make something with your own two hands is priceless. In this issue we have included projects that take, literally, minutes to make, as well as projects that are well worth all the time and effort you put into them. Whether you choose to whip up the key chains on page 59 or create the fabulous flapper dress on page 30, you are making a statement about the importance of art, beauty and individuality just by picking up your needles and hooks. Often in our daily struggle to get things done faster, better, cheaper, we forget the value of taking the time to do things that are important to us.

What else will this slightly holiday themed issue have to offer? Here is a run-down of some of the Winter 2007 features:

Shannon Okey finds ways to make every moment on the needles count.
Vickie Howell investigates: Where does Pink Martini frontwoman China Forbes rank knitting on the list of life’s most important things?
Leigh Witchel’s almanac charts the most important dates in knitting history.
Reversible knittingβ€”it’s not just for garter stitch anymore. Charlotte Quiggle presents your primer.
The knit.1 time machine mashes up styles from eight vintage eras with 21st century designs.
Whether the occasion’s a fancy New Year’s bash or a romantic V-Day rendezvous, pick pink and prepare for applause. Plus: a stitch workshop.
They grow up so fast. Take advantage of their small size while you can and knit fab for toddler now.
You know that excuse about not having time to finish a project? Yeah, that one’s not gonna fly anymore.
And we mean last-minute. Fiber goodies in three hours or fewer.

Looking for even more? A fashion preview for Winter issue is available online, along with your New Year’s knitstrology horoscope and an extensive calendar for December 2007 through March 2008, filled with upcoming crafty events, holidays, and project suggestions.

Remember that Green issue I mentioned? They’re making it an annual thing! The second annual Knit.1 Green issue hits newsstands on April 15 (which is also tax day here in the US, what irony). Stay tuned to Crafting a Green World and we’ll have all the details and a full preview for you in the coming months.

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